Judicial Notice… I do NOT consent to Admiralty Jurisdiction

February 4, 2019 in News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff


via: email | By Mark Ervin Dabney


Judicial Notice, Without Dishonor

As a Servant of the Living God and Subject of the Kingdom of Heaven I, Mark Ervin Dabney, go on record as to the following:

On my Driver’s License with my signature are the following

ARR UCC 1-308, meaning:

All Rights Reserved, Uniform Commercial Code Section 1-308

Therefore I reserve the following RIGHTS that are an endowment of my Creator:

I reserve the right to speak my conscience without threat or intimidation including in a Court of Law

I reserve the right to a fully informed Jury under Common Law Jurisdiction and to appeal to the Jury given that Judges as spokesmen for the State are not neutral mediators.  Furthermore…

Black’s Law Dictionary states that entities in All Capital Letters refers to a Legal Fiction, that is a Corporation… the De Facto Government has created a Legal Fiction called MARK ERVIN DABNEY in my name without my consent under Admiralty Jurisdiction…as a flesh and blood human being with God given rights I am NOT that legal fiction that has no innate rights.   I do not consent to the Beast of Revelation 13, his reign, nor the number of his name.  Nor I do not consent to a legalistic system of feigned justice that operates under Admiralty Jurisdiction without informed consent nor do I consent to For Profit Prisons.  Nor do I consent to the perpetual “State of Emergency” that we have been in since 1933 that is about giving the De Facto government unjust power under the guise of dishonest Stated Goals.  I cannot with good conscience hold to the feigned legitimacy of the unlawful 14th “Amendment” that was unlawfully coerced upon the South at bayonet point as “Law” which in part states that we have “Privileges and Immunities” rather than God given Rights.  Further, it Unlawfully Asserts that “The Public Debt cannot be questioned” when the vast majority of our Fiat Currency is not even backed by Paper, but reckless war mongering against nations that had done nothing to threaten us harm; meanwhile Traitors lie to us with impunity that is called “National Security”.  Law by nature has a moral foundation upon which the consent of the governed is based.  However, because criminal elements that believe & behave they are above the law because they unlawfully control the issuance of Fiat Currency that our national moral foundation has been shattered in this once great nation. Mayer Rothschild said:  “Let me control a Nation’s money supply, and I care not who writes its laws.”

I voluntarily comply with rules of navigation and other moral principles of Common Law that are genuinely for the common good but I cannot recognize the moral legitimacy of fines that go into the budget when the government, actually a collection of For Profit Corporations, instead of prosecuting the Fraud of Counterfeiting under the Color of Law of the so-called “Federal Reserve System”, they participate and profit from it.  This is not morally legitimate…Lawful government is morally accountable and has no legitimacy to shield itself from full disclosure from how we, the people, have been deceived in the past in keeping with Acts of the Apostles, chapter 17 verse 30.  A government that would decree “Civil Asset Forfeiture” which is the legal yet unlawful assertion that assets can be seized without due process is not worthy of our trust.

According to USC 21 Title 21 Section 321 in part states: “(B) articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or other animals” (emphasis added)  To be clear, the Unconstitutional, Private For Profit Corporation called the “Drug Enforcement Agency” decrees that MAN IS AN ANIMAL.  It must be rebutted that I am a man, created in the image of God, NOT an animal, with innate God given rights, and under Common Law, if there is no injured party, there is no crime.  The “War on Drugs” is just as much a HOAX as the “War on Terror” more aptly a War  OF Terror.

Honest people make honest mistakes, but as JFK said “when an honest person realizes that he is mistaken, he either stops being mistaken, or he stops being honest”  When people share a common bias, it becomes invisible to them.  Among Law Enforcement Officials there too often an indoctrinated mindset that wrongly presumes that government is innately moral and its decrees are morally just.  However, too often, the Stated Goals are subterfuge for the Unstated Goal of unjust power…As a servant of the Living God I call you to repent of Unlawful Presumed Authority…Under Common Law is a principle: Where there is no injured party, there is no crime. This is a vital moral question: are you a Peace Officer, or are you a Revenue Ranger?  Each of us are ultimately to stand accountable before our Creator for what we did with the Wondrous Gift of Life He gave each of us…As for me,  I live by the principle that we should be accountable to each other, knowing that ultimately that ultimately we will be accountable to our Creator.

As a servant of the Living God, I challenge you to THINK about the superficial morally inadequate premise of “I’m just doing my job”   Does this by itself make it morally legitimate?  Without dishonor to the Law Enforcement Community, I do not agree to contract with you, or the De Facto government under Admiralty Jurisdiction.




Mark Ervin Dabney,

MarkAnabaptist@Gmail.com Cell 678 938-3324

3 February 2019