Kathy Griffin, Who Decapitates Her Enemies in Photos, Is Trying To Destroy MAGA Students’ Lives

January 21, 2019 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: Western Journal | BY C. DOUGLAS GOLDEN

JANUARY 21, 2019 AT 9:45AM


So, as you’re no doubt aware, our society is now culturally litigating whether or not a group of teens from a Catholic high school in Kentucky are guilty of racism based on scanty facts. The more facts we hear, the less guilty they look, but that hasn’t stopped commentators — especially on the left — from offering hot takes.

One of those hot takes is, unsurprisingly, from “comedian” Kathy Griffin, who now wants the students to be doxed — presumably so she can hold their bloodied, effigial heads up in place of the president’s.

Griffin didn’t know many of the facts when she first tweeted about the young men from Covington Catholic High School who became the subject of a cultural tug-of-war when video emerged of them interacting Friday with a Native American activist with a drum near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Some of the teens were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, which, of course, branded them as guily in the mainstream media’s eyes.

The activist, Nathan Phillips, accused the kids of using racist speech.

“They were making remarks to each other … (such as) ‘In my state those Indians are nothing but a bunch of drunks.’ How do I report that?” Phillips said, according to The Associated Press.

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“These young people were just roughshodding through our space, like what’s been going on for 500 years here — just walking through our territories, feeling like ‘this is ours.’”

However, none of this was caught on the video — nor was the chant of “build that wall” that Phillips claimed he heard. What did emerge was video that showed Phillips had originally approached the young men, leading to some questioning who initiated the confrontation.

Adding to the confusion was the presence of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a fringe religious organization known for its antagonistic tactics.

All of this didn’t really matter to Griffin, who wanted to dox the young men and seemed curiously interested in the fact they had a Catholic background. Here was her first tweet on the matter:

Kathy Griffin


Well, well, well, looking here. Maybe you should let this fine Catholic school know how you feel about their students behavior toward the Vietnam veteran, Native American https://twitter.com/batzona412/status/1086926261383966720 

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After another short 18-second clip of the encounter was posted in response, here was Griffin’s demand for doxing:

Kathy Griffin


Names please. And stories from people who can identify them and vouch for their identity. Thank you.

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What’s interesting is that Griffin doesn’t ask for fuller context or anything of that nature. She asks for names, presumably so that she can publicize them.

Interestingly enough, the other videos that emerged — the ones that showed the students didn’t seem to be involved in racist bullying or anything of the sort — haven’t made it onto Griffin’s Twitter feed. Nor has an apology. Don’t count on one.

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Griffin wasn’t the only famous person jumping on the bandwagon to pillory these kids. But she was the only one who made a name for herself by holding up the fake, bloody head of the president in an infamous photo shoot and then later claimed that she was the victim.

Remember the controversy?

And now she’s going after these kids, because she clearly has a moral high ground on which to stand.

I understand that Kathy Griffin is someone with impulse control issues. When it’s the president of the United States she’s targeting, that sort of thing may fly, although the Secret Service certainly didn’t think so and her traumatization of Barron Trump wasn’t exactly called for.

Things are somewhat different when she’s outing young men who aren’t even adults based on an incident she doesn’t understand the full context.

Of course, there is the fact that this hasn’t really aged well and it’s just a few days old.

One Twitter user may have put it perfectly: (Warning: Rough language ahead)


Proactive whataboutism for the win:

Kathy Griffin


Ps. The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these fuckers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again. https://twitter.com/kathygriffin/status/1086724891045376000 

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