Kevin McCarthy Gives Tucker Carlson 41,000 Hours Of Jan. 6 Footage

February 20, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge
MONDAY, FEB 20, 2023 – 10:35 AM

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has given Fox News host Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from January 6th, 2021, according to Axios, which reports that excerpts will begin airing in the coming weeks.

Last week, Carlson’s producers were on Capitol Hill to begin reviewing the trove – which includes various camera angles from around the Capitol complex.

The archive was previously reported at ‘just’ 14,000 hours.

“[T]here was never any legitimate reason for this footage to remain secret,” Carlson told Axios. “If there was ever a question that’s in the public’s interest to know, it’s what actually happened on January 6. By definition, this video will reveal it. It’s impossible for me to understand why any honest person would be bothered by that.”

According to the report, the process to give Carlson access began in early February, according to a communication between the show and a McCarthy aide shown to Axios.

In January, McCarthy told reporters in Statuary Hall that he thinks “the American public should actually see all [that] happened instead of a report that’s written [on] a political basis.”

Carlson, meanwhile, railed against Washington’s “regime of secrecy and deceit.”

Will the new footage shed light on whoever unlocked the doors and encouraged protesters to come inside the Capitol?

Or what Ray Epps was up to during the entire day?

Only time will tell…