Land of the Sheep, Home of the Defeated

January 5, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source: newswithviews

By Lex Greene

January 5, 2023

When people are referred to as sheep, the implication is that like sheep, they are people who mindlessly follow the herd to their own eventual slaughter, without ever asking any questions or considering any other alternative. The accusation is that the group is mindless and spineless.

At this moment in history, America (USA) is no longer a Land of the Free or Home of the Brave. If it were, nothing we have witnessed for at least the past three years would have ever been able to happen in this once great country.

Unlike the Americans of 1776, who voluntarily pledged to each other their Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor for the cause of freedom and liberty, today’s Americans are of the go-along to get-along sort. Lured into the trap by their “love of money,” (the root of all evil), the American people, from coast to coast, top to bottom, surrendered their freedom and liberty for promises of mere pennies on the dollar.


How many Americans believed there was a “pandemic” before the first two COVID cases ever left Wuhan China in November and December of 2019? How many healthy Americans volunteered for house arrest under an unconstitutional lockdown of our entire country and economy in early 2020? How many wore a mask even though the mask box said the mask would not prevent the spread of any virus? How many social-distanced six feet, knowing a cough or sneeze traveled far beyond six feet? How many rushed to take so-called vaccines that had no human trials, killed everything in the animal trials, and to this day, is not FDA approved for use on humans? How many are still rushing to get their next “booster” after watching family, friends, loved ones and even pro athletes drop dead or end up maimed for life from these injections?

How many know that the 2020 and 2022 elections are the most fraudulent unlawful elections in world history, but still sit idle as if there is nothing, they can do about it? How many still think a career political criminal who can’t tie his own shoes, change his own diaper, or complete a single intelligent sentence, is actually running this country?

How many “died suddenly” with “cause unknown” do the people have to see before they start asking the most obvious questions, given that the one thing every case has in common is they are all COVID vaccinated?

These FACTS demonstrate the status of “sheep” with great clarity and overwhelming evidence.


The “love of money” is at the root of all evil, and every decision most Americans have made for many years now.

“The love of money” (and the power it buys) is at the root of all government corruption, all levels, all branches. But it’s also at the root of how most Americans vote, how they don’t mind cheating because they think everyone cheats, even the decisions they have made concerning their own health and well-being, and that of their loved ones.

Not one single person on earth has any legal right to force inject anyone with anything against their will or drive them into bankruptcy for refusing to take the experimental injection, like a common lab rat with no say in the matter.

The “vaxxed” took the experimental bioweapon out of fear alone. Not fear of dying without the shot, but rather fear of losing their job, their income, their lifestyle, the money. Their “love of money” drove them to take a bioweapon created in DoD/CCP funded bioweapons labs and keep taking it in booster after booster even now.

It’s the fear of financial loss that is motivating almost every doctor, nurse, and major corporation to push these deadly injections on the sheep, like drug dealers from a Mexican cartel, placing their lofty paychecks and country club lifestyle above the health of every patient.

The same thing causes the “vaxxed” to attack every person exposing the truth or simply asking the right questions. The sheep have been dog-whistle trained to silence all voices of dissent, like good little “fact-checkers” for the Global Reset partners, which includes all vaccine manufacturers, the news media, social media and almost every major corporation in the USA. Go ahead, CHECK THE LIST OF WEF GLOBAL PARTNERS for yourself.


When the facts don’t suit your agenda, or when reality is so ugly that you can’t bear to face it, you become one of the sheep that must silence those facts.

This past Monday night, millions all over the world watched as a 24-year old collapsed dead on the Cincinnati football field in one of the biggest NFL games of the season. Like every decent person in the world, I continue to pray for the survival and full recovery of Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin as he fights for his life at UC Medical in Cincinnati.

Like literally thousands of other athletes who have suddenly and inexplicably dropped with cardiac arrest around the globe, millions reasonably asked, “could this be vaccine related?” – knowing that the NFL forced all players to take the experimental mRNA injection.

Just three months ago, famed defensive end JJ Watt was forced to have his heart shocked back into rhythm after going into post-vaccine A-fib. As a result, Watt was one of the first NFL players to ask the most obvious question, after watching Hamlin fall to his death on live TV Monday night. For the record, Hamlin coded not once but three times, requiring resuscitation three times.

Like everyone else who asks the most obvious questions, Watt was immediately attacked by the sheep for asking the right question out of deep concern for Hamlin and every other NFL player who was forced to take the experimental mRNA injections in order to continue their careers.

Who is most concerned about the health and well-being of Hamlin and every other athlete force vaccinated? The people who seek answers to what we are witnessing, or those trying to silence those questions?

Which doctors care most about their patients? Those going-along to get-along to protect their careers while continuing to support lethal injections, or those desperate to find answers to the many irregularities surrounding the vaccines since early 2021?


America will soon collapse simply because Americans are no longer capable of freedom.

Thomas Jefferson said it best…

“Those who expect to be both ignorant and freeexpect what never was and never will be.”

Sheep are not suited for freedom. They must be herded by their keeper, kept alive and fattened up until the time of slaughter. I’d like to describe most Americans in much nicer terms, but today, I can’t. I’ve seen too much and lying about it will only perpetuate the problem.

America was not built by any go-along to get-along cowards or mindless sheep stuck in the herd. It can’t be saved by them either! In the end, they won’t even be able to save themselves!