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June 10, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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Lark lives in Texas. For the past eighteen years he has studied the New World Order’s form of corporate Fascism mixed with Communism and Libertarianism and many other Isms. His conclusion? Get educated and unplug from the control of the matrix. 1984 is becoming a reality and humanity will only be saved when it learns its way out…before it is too late.

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By Lark in Texas


Moving along…
I’m thinking to add ableism and social constructionism to my list.
Discordianism, polylogism too. (Thar now… I done dude it!) 😀
Lark on Communitarianism

Words Matter, And It’s Time To Explore The Meaning Of “Ableism.”

Social constructionism
Jacques Derrida – Father of Our Cultural Breakdown
Deconstruction- a philosophical and critical movement, starting in the 1960s and especially applied to the study of literature, that questions all traditional assumptions about the ability of language to represent reality and emphasizes that a text has no stable reference or identification because words essentially only refer to other words and therefore a reader must approach a text by eliminating any metaphysical or ethnocentric assumptions through an active role of defining meaning, sometimes by a reliance on new word construction, etymology, puns, and other word play.
Ludwig Wittgenstein: How the Illuminati Obfuscate Reality
“Wittgenstein’s theories ‘prove’ reality is a mere opinion, and not factually based.”
(i.e. in order to induct us into their solipsism, Satanists convince us that reality itself is a solipsism.)
In the not so distant future, the increasing number of victims…
… identified today as disabled… 
… will, no doubt, skyrocket due to all the myriad ways we will have been deliberately and  systematically poisoned. I myself have been made to suffer ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder); but I predict more mysterious maladies and dreaded diseases – conflations, disorders, infirmities, calamities and so, too, [soon to follow] … disabilities – will be included in our next edition of the DSM*.
*DSM. science-based reference guide of squishy diagnoses and general buffoonery – sheer and utter quackery that permits the barbaric medical interventions prescribed by our modern-day witchdoctors. Next stop… let’s all consult the Merck Manual… oh, yay, but of course! 😡
(Please note this message was NOT brought to you by Pfizer!)
Continuous partial attention, for instance, could cause a global pandemic of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly Multiple Personality Disorder).
Young mothers will increasingly be diagnosed as suffering from post partem depression – when the bastyrds can assign a name to it they’ve granted themselves a license… for licentiousness… licentious behavior. And worse!
Haven’t we learned our lesson that vaccine injury will continue to wreak havoc on those rising escalation rates… for autism?
Schrodinger’s transgenderism: Definitely not a disorder but still needs to be “treated” medically.
The medical term for “transgenderism” is ‘gender dysphoria,’ formerly known as ‘gender identity disorder.’
Pro-transgender activists want ‘gender dysphoria’ to be declassified as a medical disorder because it “pathologizes gender variance.”
However, if this occurred, transgender “treatments” may not be covered by health insurance companies.
If gender dysphoria is not a medical disorder, then “gender affirming” treatment (i.e. sex change) is merely cosmetic and not a “medical necessity.”
Various governments have declassified the disorder, including the UK, France, and Denmark. Hard to find info on UK and France, but the Danes still functionally treat transgenderism as a mental illness.
The WHO ICD classifies transgenderism as a “sexual disorder” under the name ‘gender incongruence,’ to preserve access to health services.
Which disorder should we declassify next? Depression? Schizophrenia? Anorexia?
And what is continuous partial attention?
Naturally, the social impact* investor class will have many  fertile fields to plow… for their plunder – and at our expense!
*Social Impact 
with Lynn Davenport
Communitarianism: Tyranny with a Smiley Face

Transhumanism Ideology is the Bell Tolling with Cindy Niles

This was a timely presentation. One sorely needed. The young woman Cindy cited is half my age. She could appear as a sex goddess and still I am repulsed by what she tells me… first falls from her fingers… and then fell from her mouth.
She sang the winsome song of a temptress – a siren – leading us all on our voyage to perdition 
Oh how we gnashed and we gnarled, then were disastrously dashed 
Against those craggy seaward rocks
Before, alas, we could complete our mission.
Siren (mythology)
But, hey, I’m repulsed by a lot these days as it is already. The hubris of all these tech-crazed zombies is enough to make my blood boil. And I know full well they’ve been bwainwashed, that they’re not fully possessive of those pea-pickin’ [squambled] bwains of theirs.
Someone convinced them they were somehow special; and so now they’re suffering the twin afflictions… of Narcissus… and of Mania – the kinds of self love and self loathing that are most unhealthy!
Echo and Narcissus
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