Leftist Leaders in the US, Canada, and Europe Imprison Their Opponents

March 8, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | Information Liberation

Trump giving his speech on Januaray 6, Youtube


In addition to the two impeachments of Trump, the left now threatens to bring criminal charges against the former president. The Biden regime and the FBI have hunted down and charged hundreds of Americans for merely being seen in the Capitol. FBI DIrector Chris Wray labeled pro-Trump Capitol demonstrators ‘domestic terrorists’.The Canadian government declared the Proud Boys a “terrorist entity” alongside ISIS and Al Qaeda, allowing the government to freeze the group’s assets and “charge anyone who financially or materially supports the group.”

Emmanuel Macron’s regime in France issued a decree banning the anti-immigration group Generation Identity, claiming it has the character of a militia. In Germany, the Merkel regime declared the anti-immigration AfD party a “suspected extremist group” and has put its members under surveillance. Last year, Greece banned the popular anti-immigration Golden Dawn party and ordered the leaders to be jailed for 13 years after declaring the group a “criminal organization.” -GEG

“Liberal” regimes criminalizing and jailing their political opposition is quickly becoming the new normal throughout the West.

On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron’s regime in France issued a decree banning the anti-immigration group Generation Identity.

From DW, “France bans far-right group Generation Identity”:

The French government on Wednesday agreed to ban the far-right group Generation Identity, saying the organization incited “discrimination, hatred and violence.”

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin posted the decree to ban GI on Twitter, saying it took into account the group’s “structure and military organization,” adding that GI can be regarded “as having the character of a private militia.”

[…] In the decree, Darmanin pronounced the Lyon-based association illegal, and said its publications and actions spread “an ideology inciting hatred, violence and discrimination of individuals, based on their origin, their race or their religion.”

From FT:

[Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National] last month said freedom of conscience, expression and association had been “dangerously called into question” by the imminent ban, even if the party did not share all of the group’s opinions or approve its actions.“Should one say that it’s no longer possible to make the connection between massive immigration and crime?” the RN asked in a statement.

They just did.

In Germany, the Merkel regime on the same day declared the further-right, anti-immigration AfD party a “suspected extremist group” and is putting them under constant surveillance.


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