Let’s Trump D.C. and Be AmericaAgain!

January 27, 2017 in News by RBN Staff



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Teddy Roosevelt was a wallflower compared to President Trump, the best motivator in presidential history. Donald Trump sensed productive America’s mood, challenged us to make America great again, and proposes a sweeping agenda of reforms. Now We the People must get it done. This website explains how.

The Deep State still holds us hostage as DC organized crime turns America into a banana republic…corrupts our states, counties and cities…breeds generations of parasites…invites illegals to feed off productive America and jihadists to prey on us. This is not America. We the People finally put our foot down; we won the White House and kept both houses of Congress. Now, we need to move into long-term action.

AmericaAgain! is a responsible new way of life; a full-spectrum solution to restore America. The 8-week boot camp course is contained in our new free eBook called Mission to America.

Join us on Proclamation Day at your state capitol as we launch Operation Let’s Trump DC and tell the world this election was only the beginning. Now, we become AmericaAgain!



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