Literally Just Me Yelling At People For Their Garbage Takes On Bush’s Eulogy

December 7, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


I can’t take anymore sunshine blown up my ass.  OD (overdose) on Vitamin D.  It’s nice to know that there are decent people out there who won’t be PC when it comes to speaking about George H.W. Bush.  They say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but I don’t believe that applies to the Evil of some men.  It should be exposed.  Educate the masses.  Give them the truth, BECAUSE….. They can handle the truth.  NO more sunshine.  I’ve had enough.

– Steve Elkins

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By Caitlin Johnstone

George W Bush gave a eulogy for his father today, and establishment sycophants everywhere are falling all over themselves to tell us that this means his presidency has been redeemed and piles of human corpses are awesome. I take some time here to yell at them.

British pundit Piers Morgan: “Wow. Wonderful tribute by President George W. Bush to his father President George H.W. Bush. Proud, poignant, loving, funny & ultimately very emotional. Remarkable to think of a father and son both ascending to the White House. They must have shared so much together.”


One word: No.

Russiagate pundit Ed Krassenstein: “If you haven’t seen this, please take a minute to watch. George W. Bush tears up while speaking about his father, George H.W. Bush. This is human decency folks! This is love! Don’t let turbulent times let us forget who we are and who we came from.”


Two words: F… you.

Daily Caller journalist Benny Johnson: “We don’t deserve George W. Bush”


Three words: Holy. F…..g. S..t.

No, Johnson was not joking, and no, he was not saying that the world did not deserve to have an apocalypse in cowboy boots inflicted upon it as a US president, and no, he does not have family in Iraq or Afghanistan. Dubya teared up at the end of his eulogy for his mass murderer father, and Benny says this means he’s too good for us. There are not enough palms and faces in the world to adequately respond to this take.

Bloomberg Opinion editor James Gibney: “George W. Bush took another step on the road to national redemption with his address and its delivery.”

james gibney


George W. Bush took another step on the road to national redemption with his address and its delivery.

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Oh he did, did he? He brought a million people back to life, put back the trillions of dollars wasted on unconscionable wars, stabilized a region that has been plunged into terror and chaos, halted the so-called “war on terror”, reversed military expansionism and undid the Patriot Act in a single speech? Hell, man, that must have been some eulogy.

Gibney is just saying more blatantly the thing that all mass media cultural engineers have been trying to beat into our heads with the opportunistic propaganda extravaganzas that the funerals of US political elites have become: that gratuitous warmongering is fine, and it’s time to move on from Iraq. The damage that has been done domestically to Americans’ trust in US institutions, and around the world to the perception of US moral authority, has made it far more difficult to manufacture support for escalations against Iran, Syria and Russia, and has made people more difficult to propagandize in general. The job of mainstream media lackeys is to herd people back toward acceptance of establishment narratives and keep them trusting an innately untrustworthy propaganda machine.

CNN editor Brenna Williams: “The candy pass between Michelle Obama and George W. Bush, mirroring the one that warmed our hearts during the funeral of John McCain.”


Well it got American liberals hot and heavy with mindless patriotic sexual arousal the last time they did it, so why wouldn’t they do literally exactly the same thing again?

The sequel to this moronic, pandering, sappy photo op is being promoted by CNN, ABC, Politico, USA Today and many other mass media outlets as a heartwarming gesture of togetherness in these cold, uncivil times. Have you ever noticed how these saccharine media homilies about coming together in unity across party lines is only ever about unifying behind political elites and forgiving unforgivable offenses? Have you noticed how it’s never, ever about helping the common man or standing against the toxic forces that are destroying our world? The call is not to unify to create a better America together, the call is to unite behind a power establishment that has never given a f… about you.

The underlying appeal to these fluffy togetherness narratives lies in a shared longing by many for the days before Trump, which is weird, because longing for the days before Trump is just longing for the conditions which created Trump. Americans rallied behind a giant orange middle finger to the status quo specifically because they were angry about how awful things got under the barely distinguishable Bush and Obama administrations, and believing that you can point at those symbols of their anger and go “Look! Unity!” shows how pathetically insular and out of touch these beltway bootlickers are. Trump is the pus of an oozing pimple, and Bushbama was the glistening head of that pimple. Manipulating people into cheering for their own oppression is very possible, but they’re going to have to do better than that.

Dr. Dena Grayson: “No matter your politics, it’s heart wrenching to watch the raw emotions of the Bush family’s grief.”

“No matter your politics.” These empire shills have been echoing this nonsensical phrase all day, and they’e been doing it for a reason. If they can make this about a mere matter of polite differences of political opinion, then their whole unity-togetherness-we-love-Big-Brother party makes perfect sense. This, of course, ignores the fact that opposition to mass murder is not a political position. Mass murder isn’t “politics”. Despising a man who murdered a million human beings is not a political opinion, and it is still very hard to care that he got the sniffles when his daddy died.

Candace Owens: “Say what you will about the Bush family but everyone needs to credit them for this wonderful display of honor, dignity & respect. Sadly, this is the note the McCain family failed to hit amidst their display of petty anger and partisanship. Rest In Peace, George H.W Bush!”

Candace Owens


Say what you will about the Bush family but everyone needs to credit them for this wonderful display of honor, dignity & respect.

Sadly, this is the note the McCain family failed to hit amidst their display of petty anger and partisanship.

Rest In Peace, George H.W Bush! 🇺🇸

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Nobody needs to give them credit for jack s…, you partisan hack.

The fact that they invited your president and the McCains didn’t is a petty distinction which doesn’t reverse the unfathomable suffering this evil family has unleashed upon our world. No matter how many pieces of candy Bush gives to Michelle Obama, no matter how many tears he sheds for his dad, no matter how much you mass media pundits babble about unity and togetherness, the people who were killed by both Bush administrations are still dead, and their Orwellian surveillance programs and military expansionism are still getting worse by the year. There is no amount of patriotic performances which will undo that fact. George W Bush will always be the man who murdered a million human beings and made the world far darker than it was before he took office.

I dream of a healthy future where George W Bush is unable to enter a room without being greeted by an avalanche of shoes thrown at his head.


And that’s it. I’m done with this garbage. Another degrading patriotism parade for another murderous tyrant has been completed. Put that horrible war criminal in the ground and let’s move the f… on.

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