Look What Just Happened to Jeb Bush’s official campaign site

December 9, 2015 in News by RBN

The Conservative Byte | Bethany Blankley

The digital insult is just the latest blow to the candidate’s flagging campaign. According to CNN’s latest numbers, Bush is polling at just 3 percent—and news that he failed to register his own domain name (instead opting for Jeb2016.com) probably won’t help.

Is this a clever prank from a tech-savvy Trump staffer? Or simply the work of an Internet prankster with money to burn on high-profile domains?

According to the Associated Press, Trump’s spokeswoman claims his campaign staff was “not involved.” And a quick scan of the domain’s registration doesn’t reveal the source of the redirect.

So for now, the mystery remains unsolved. But it’s worth noting that this isn’t the only website that the Bush campaign failed to purchase.

The domain JebBushForPresident.com is owned by a gay couple in Oregon, while JebBushForPresident.net hosts a collection of articles under the heading “What’s Jeb been up to lately? (as if anyone cares anymore…).”

But wait—there’s more! Much, much more…

The shortened URL jebbu.sh redirects to a site owned by a liberal super PAC, while both jebbush.net and jebbush.org lead to links for Halloween costumes and online master’s degrees.

If you try visiting jebbush.co, you’ll find an image of his brother in front of the infamous “Mission Accomplished” banner, and jebbush.us is currently fielding offers—apparently trying to cash in on the craze for undermining the candidate’s online presence.

While Bush’s failure to secure the .com address for his own name is a pretty huge oversight in the post-Santorum.