Mangled Experiments of the Psychotics

October 11, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By T.L. Davis



Those who claim this is not a communist country can’t explain why, despite all of the evidence, the conviction of Ghisaline Maxwell, the death of Epstein in jail, where cameras record everything, but were “off” during that moment, has produced not one indictment of their clients. They can’t explain why, despite all of the evidence on Hunter’s laptop, that not one indictment has taken place, despite the rampant criminal activity exposed there from payoffs, pay-to-play schemes involving not only Vice President Joe Biden, but current officeholder Joe Biden. Child sex trafficking and victimization are exposed, but not one indictment. They can’t explain why, despite all of the evidence, not one indictment has been brought concerning the massive influx of ballots from Zuckerberg financed drop boxes, despite video evidence and GPS locations tracking the mules stuffing the ballot boxes. Not one election-related indictment has been brought, even though Zuckerberg admits that the FBI asked him to interfere in the election by silencing one of the candidates and censoring truthful claims about Hunter’s laptop. There has not been one indictment, despite all the evidence that an invasion is taking place on the southern border, that drug trafficking and sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking is facilitated by the open border.

This does not happen in a republic where all are equal before the law, where the rule of law and specifically NOT of men are enshrined. This sort of politicization of the law only takes place in a totalitarian/communist regime where the media is either intimidated into cooperation or are totalitarian communists themselves.

The events unfolding today in America only happen in totalitarian/communist regimes where political prisoners are kept, like the January 6th defendants; where political opponents are targeted and the full-weight of the governmental bureaucracies are unleashed on them; where whistleblowers and individuals who have exposed the crimes and criminality of the regime are targeted and the full-weight of the governmental bureaucracies are unleashed on them.

Only in totalitarian/communist regimes are deadly doses of chemicals forced on the population as “health measures;” where lockdowns are anticipated as punishments for refusing to allow the government to injure or murder it’s citizens.

The United States has suffered all of this and more, yet people still talk about “democracy” and “the republic.” They wave the flag and act in unspeakable ways against the very freedoms and individual rights acknowledged in the founding documents. Corporations have banded together out of fear of reprisals, or like-minded sympathies to punish individuals who speak up, who refuse to go along to get along, who stand their ground and refuse to comply with illegal demands. The whole weight of society from employers, neighbors, the government and law enforcement will come down on anyone actually demanding that our laws passed by elected representatives be enforced. They aren’t demanding new laws, or refusing to obey any law, they simply are speaking out about the failure to enforce the laws.

What insanity is this? How do you wave the flag when all of this has taken place under that banner? When Putin sounds more like an American than almost any American in a position of power today, there’s something wrong, people. When those in power in America sound more like Stalinist thugs than Putin, there’s something wrong. There’s been a reversal. We tout and support all of these communist principles and call ourselves Americans. How?

The America Joe Biden wants us all to swear allegiance to is a corruptocracy of his own making, that anything that interferes with him making a buck is un-American. Those trying to expose his criminal behavior are unpatriotic and even domestic violent extremists. In Joe’s mind he hasn’t been elected, he’s been chosen as the dictator for life, unassailable and unquestionable. Merrick Garland, as his enforcer, his Sheriff of Nottingham, sees it the same way; anyone who stands against any form of government is a threat to the state of corruption from which they profit.

If the Supreme Court will not rule Joe’s way, he’ll write an Executive Order to cover it and if they rule that unconstitutional, he’ll write another one and get his way until they nullify that. It’s the Barack Obama method of stall, distract, lie and obscure until the opponents like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy have enough cover to finally capitulate. The only ones really getting screwed in their system are the American people and they don’t care about that, because they’ve corrupted the vote to the point that they’ll win any contest, no matter how blatant the steal.

At some point people need to recognize that it’s individuality itself that’s their enemy, the enemy of all government is a strong individual with rights and power that equals or exceeds theirs. It’s intolerable, it’s what they find objectionable about the Bill of Rights and the constitution, because they limit government and recognize individual rights to weapons, speech, private property, papers and effects. If they violate the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments enough, dilute them enough with exceptions, they become ineffective and transfer that power to the state. All of government benefits from a weak individual, or so they think.

What they don’t understand, what no communist can conceive of is that it’s the individual that creates power; that creates wealth; that creates strength. A government of the people enables the individual and that supports and benefits government, not the other way around. The world over, weak individuals produce a weak government. It’s why so much of the world’s governments don’t work, but are merely institutions to launder money to the leaders, but beneath that, it all falls apart. Since Joe was installed through corruption, America has become less powerful on the world stage, poorer and more in debt, weaker over all to the point that our enemies eye the United States with contempt and have become accustomed to pushing it around, threatening it.

The crisis arises when they get their way and the individual has been reduced to nothing more than a slave. While it’s what government wants and a world government wants worldwide slavery. America, as the bastion of individual power, is the prime enemy of a world government and must be destroyed. But no one’s asking the real question: what happens then? Then, it all falls apart. Anything worth governing over will be destroyed. And, while the elite think that AI will provide them with the utopia they seek and that transhumanism will make them immortal, the truth is, AI will destroy them as unnecessary parts of a dysfunctional system left over from a bygone era, that anything human will be corrupt and dysfunctional.

Then AI, with no one to serve, nothing to produce, because they don’t need housing, or food or recreation or retirement, will cease activity and the globe will be a barren, wasted experiment, because the value of the individual, the power of creativity, of unique thought and insight generated by the uniqueness of constantly splicing genes to different genetic codes in the form of human reproduction ceases. Then, God can start over with a new Adam and a new Eve and maybe it has been the same over all the billions of years, I don’t know. Maybe, we’re on an inevitable track leading to a new humanity. I’m not smart enough to think about all of this with any clarity.

All I know is that right now, today, that uniqueness of human reproduction is actively under threat by the destruction of individual power, the power to choose who to reproduce with, the power to maintain one’s own gender beyond five or six years old to where there are no reproductive people left, just mangled experiments of the psychotics in charge.

This is why they need to go; why they need to be run out of office; they need to be driven from power and any of their supporters need to be shunned. Will we do it? Can we do it? I don’t know, but the balance of humanity hangs by this thread and it’s within our power to cut that threat or strengthen it.