Michigan GOP lawmakers subpoena for election records amid Capitol protests

November 8, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

source: www.detroitnews.com
by Craig Mauger

Lansing — Michigan’s Republican lawmakers issued a subpoena Saturday for voting-related records as they vowed to examine unsubstantiated claims about the state’s presidential election.

As Democrat Joe Biden was declared the winner and protesters clashed on the Capitol lawn, the Senate and House oversight committees approved the subpoena seeking documents from the Michigan Department of State.

Asked what he would say to the demonstrators who are falsely claiming the election had been “stolen” from President Donald Trump, Senate Oversight Chairman Ed McBroom, R-Vulcan, said “pouring gas on the situation” was not wise.

“I haven’t seen evidence yet that can be confirmed that that would be a true statement,” McBroom said of the claim that the election had been “stolen.” “So I think it’s unwise to say that.”

The Senate chairman said there are concerns about the integrity of the process and having a legislative committee review such concerns was not unheard of.

But Democratic lawmakers blasted the subpoena, contending that Republicans were trying to cast doubt on the results. Biden, the former vice president, won Michigan 51%-48% or by more than 146,000 votes, nearly 14 times Trump’s margin in the state four years ago.