Moment mob of shoplifters overrun Wisconsin outlet store and steal $30,000 of clothes in brazen 30-second heist

July 7, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

Moment mob of shoplifters overrun Wisconsin outlet store ...


  • Ten men walked into North Face at Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets Monday
  • The mob quickly grabbed armfuls of jackets and other clothes and rushed out 
  • Store employees were too scared to confront the ‘overwhelming’ band of thieves
  • The brazen heist happened at around 7.45pm, about an hour before closing    
  • Investigators believe it’s an organized group who pre-planned the ‘flash mob’ 
  • Police are examining surveillance video from the store to identify thieves
  • Officials said they have seen these big-group heists before, but ‘not to this level’
  • Police are investigating whether it is linked to similar robberies in the areaTen shoplifters who formed a ‘flash mob’ and overran a North Face store in Wisconsin are accused of stealing $30,000 jackets and other clothes.

    Dramatic video from the Pleasant Prairie Police Department shows the group of men swarm the shop, before quickly grabbing huge armfuls of merchandise and rushing out.

    The brazen heist happened at around 7.45pm on Monday at the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets, around 39 miles from Milwaukee, about an hour before closing time.

    Shoplifters ransack $30k worth of merchandise from North Face store



    Dramatic surveillance video shows ten men walk into North Face before they steal $30,000 worth of merchandise on Monday