New ‘CITIZEN REPORTER’ Trifold Designed for Anti-COVID Activism

September 2, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


By Mark Anderson / STOP THE PRESSES! / RBN

Here is the 4th edition of the “Citizen Reporter” which RBN readers/listeners are strongly encouraged to download and share both electronically and print out for in-person distribution. This edition highlights the CDC’s latest admission to being a major party to massive fraud, in that the “health” agency posted new numbers showing that only 6% of the “confirmed” Covid-19 deaths were directly and solely caused by the nebulous “coronavirus.” Read the PDF for more details.

I like to share the pamphlet online, but most of the time I print 20-40 at a time, fold them, and give them to drive-thru food staff, check-out store clerks, store managers and owners, and in misc. ways such as always have a few copies handy to give to people with whom I strike up a conversation. You can also attach the PDF to emails and send them to government officials and media, especially county sheriffs. Your local City Council and County Board people also are good recipients. Above all, hand them out to contacts who themselves are willing to print more and distribute the document in ever-widening circles. That’s why people “in the know” need to receive copies so they can help circulate the literature, along with the need to share them with those who have been fooled to whatever degree by the nonstop propaganda of the mass media cartel and the medical mafia.

In freedom, M.A.

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