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This is an incredibly informative interview and I am absolutely floored by the exponential increase in my understanding of the mechanics of the fraud and of the evil that has been perpetrated on humanity.

Sasha Latypova joins Dr Jane Ruby, first to quickly address ongoing potentially defamatory statements from Karen Kingston, before moving on to discuss her investigations with specialists at the Enigma Group.

Dr Jane Ruby is as aghast as I am at Karen Kingston’s recent behavior. For nearly a week, Karen has guested on as many podcasts as possible and she has raged all over social media, tacitly accusing Sasha of promoting a PSYOP on behalf of Pfizer in order to demoralize and to discourage people from suing the pharmaceutical giant.

This is patently false. Sasha is not discouraging anyone from suing Pfizer but she does suggest that if you only go after Big Pharma, you’re not going to stop the crimes against humanity or ensure the prosecution of all those responsible.

Karen puts the bulk of her Substack posts behind a paywall but she seems to be saying that Bad Pfizer defrauded the Poor Little US Government, while Sasha and her collaborator, Katherine Watt are saying that Pfizer’s DoD contract Federalized them and made them into a de facto government entity, which she believes explains why they demanded that sovereign nations put up their military bases as collateral to them.

This might also explain why, when Aaron Siri was arguing in court to get the Pfizer clinical trial data released, which they wanted to hide for 75 years, Pfizer’s lawyers weren’t even present in court. It was Department of Justice lawyers representing Pfizer.

People asked why the DOJ was defending Pfizer’s commercial interests. Could it be because the commercial interests weren’t really Pfizer’s, they were actually the US Government’s?

Sasha and Dr Jane talk about how the model for drug manufacturers to weather the storm of COVID class action lawsuits was created by Big Tobacco in the 1990s, culminating in the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement between major tobacco companies and 46 state attorneys general.

Big Pharma has all the money in the world to pay massive settlements. In 2009, Pfizer paid out $2.9 billion, the second largest pharmaceutical settlement in history. Nobody has gone to jail in these cases.


After the FDA approved the Pfizer “vaccine” in August of 2021, Sasha looked to see if it had been added to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund – and she saw that it had not. She wondered why, because if it were an approved vaccine, it should’ve been on the list.

It was at this time that she discovered that the injections are technically being classified as “countermeasures” – not as “vaccines” – and when she also found a 2-page document advising that those injured by countermeasures must file within one year to receive “countermeasure compensations”. She saw that only 40 such claims had ever been paid out, which meant that nobody knew about this and/or they didn’t pay out.

The term, “countermeasure” appears all over Pfizer’s contracts with the DoD – as well as in the PREP Act and in other laws that have surreptitiously effectuated the legal dismemberment of the United States over the past several decades, as charted by Katherine Watt.

In Pfizer’s Other Transaction Authority contract (OTA) with the DoD, the term, “medical countermeasure” aka “MCM” refers to the injectables to be manufactured. Sasha says, “That’s how I found the term, ‘countermeasure’. It’s extremely poorly-defined… typically, [countermeasures are] associated with weapons and that’s because that’s what the DoD orders.”

In other words, the so-called “vaccines” were contracted using the same framework that the DoD uses to purchase weapons. Because that’s what they are.

Through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and other supplemental legislation, over $4 trillion was distributed among hundreds of companies (mostly pharmaceutical) to produce emergency products in response to the COVID-19 “pandemic”, including PPE (masks, etc), plus the bioweapon countermeasures being promoted as “vaccines”.

OTAs enable the bypassing of regulations, the suspension of regulations and the maintaining of secrecy, including from other branches of the government.

She says these countermeasures are not normal pharmaceutical products and they’re not regulated as such. The DoD can order them from private manufacturers and if they’re administered under a Public Health Emergency and under Emergency Use Authorization, then they’re not subject to pharmaceutical regulation.

This is why, when Pfizer was sued for committing fraud during their clinical trials, they claimed they weren’t contracted to manufacture an FDA-regulated product and in their Motion to Dismiss Brook Jackson’s fraud lawsuit, Pfizer attached their OTA contract, saying in effect, that they had no obligation to conduct valid clinical trials, because the only goods and services they were providing to the US Government, according to their OTA contract were a “large scale manufacturing demonstration for a prototype”.

While these contracts contain language about maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and about obtaining FDA approval, Sasha says, “Those are just words for distraction. They have no enforcement power.

“When you get to the Scope of the contract, the Scope has an explicit clause, saying that the preclinical, the clinical trials and Good Manufacturing Practice compliance are out of the Scope of the contract and the Government explicitly is not paying for it. Meaning that the Government is not ordering it and there’s no meaningful way to enforce those things.”

And because there’s no cGMP, there’s no saying what’s actually in the shots, which is also why they’re called “large scale manufacturing demonstration for a prototype”.


Sasha has interviewed workers on Pfizer’s assembly line and she’s found that the operation is so compartmentalized, that they have no idea what they’re doing.

Sasha says:

“The drug substance gets made in Rentschler, in Germany or Puurs, Belgium, then it gets shipped in biobags to Andover or Chesterfield or Kalamazoo and those people mix it, without knowing what’s in the biobag. They mix it and they make the finished product and then they ship it to another place – or either they fill-finish it in their own facility or they ship it to Kansas to fill-finish or some other supplier and the same thing goes for all of them

“There are literally hundreds of suppliers all over the world and there’s this cross-shipping and no traceability – and the entire supply chain is owned by DoD, so they can insert, at any time whatever they want.

“So, as you are aware of that Coast Guard case in Alaska…the DoD tried to pass a few batches or trays of this product – which is EUA – as [“FDA-approved”] Comirnaty®, to overcome the Servicemembers’ resistance, based on the fact that this is EUA and cannot be mandated. So they pretended, ‘We have the real deal!’ but the real deal came from an unlicensed plant, not licensed to do cGMP, so it couldn’t be Comirnaty®. So they just literally mislabled them and tried to pass them off – I assure you, they do this all the time.

“And also, CDC also put those FW series – I think it’s like five batches of FW, so one of them was in Alaska – they put them on their list as if released in the United States but I have shipment information from Pfizer, right down to the zip codes and no Comirnaty® products have been shipped.    

“So, those FW batches that CDC claims they released, they don’t appear in the shipments and they don’t appear in VAERS.”

Just wow. Jaw-dropping fraud and villainy…


Dr Jane then asks Sasha why our government is trying to kill us and she answers that most of the employees at government agencies, like the FDA and at Pfizer are unaware of what they’re participating in, although she suspects many are beginning to wake up.

She believes that those at the top are aware of what they’re doing and that they’ve been captured by the Globalists, who openly discuss population control at venues such as the World Economic Forum, which is convening at Davos, Switzerland this week.

Sasha jokes that the Brandon Regime “can’t run fast enough” in their desperation to make the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) legally-binding, which would formally codify the WHO’s authority to arbitrarily declare pandemics and lockdowns.

She says that states need to look at this very carefully, in order to disrupt the economic depredations of the Globalists. She recommends that people visit James Roguski’s Substack to familiarize themselves with the Fascist peril of the WHO and their IHR and what actions we can take to defeat these.

Whereas, back in 2020, the WHO issued “recommendations” and our CDC issued “recommendations” – and it was supposedly the overzealous school boards who masked the children – she says that in the next round, which the WHO will be implementing in months, they want to make the IHR legally-binding, not just recommendations. It would be a much more brutal execution of the same tyranny than what we experienced before, because the mandates would now be law and much harder to fight.

These Fascist, foreign encroachments into our law are unrelenting and she says that’s why it’s so important that we be proactive, speak up and write to our legislators, at all levels, because at every level, legislators and administrators have the power to interfere with this agenda.


Some may recall the crazy stories that came out in 2021 about Pfizer’s secret contracts with various governments; how in the case of Argentina, Pfizer demanded the nations’ bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings as collateral against claims of vaccine damage from their citizens. Dr Jane asks Sasha why Pfizer would want to own the military bases of countries all over the world?

Sasha directs people to a recent Substack post from Katherine Watts that deals with this topic. Watts explains how when people say “Pfizer”, they think “private pharmaceutical company”, however, in these contracts for COVID countermeasures, Pfizer is acting as a government entity.

Sasha explains:

“The Government kind of captured them, as they did with other companies that I mentioned for these COVID countermeasures. They’re essentially a private business fused with the government, having government sovereign protection for their actions, as long as they follow orders from the Government…

“So the ridiculousness of a private US manufacturer going to a foreign sovereign government and telling them that, ‘You will buy this. You cannot test it. You cannot ask questions. You will pay, regardless of whether we deliver or not. If your citizens are injured and sue you and win, then you pay and if you can’t pay, you give us your military assets.’

“So, people were like, ‘How insane is that?!’ and “Why would Pfizer want military assets?’ Well, that’s why. Because it’s not Pfizer, as the private pharmaceutical company. It’s Pfizer, as part of the US Government. The US Government wants those bases…

“They felt that they had enough enforcement power to force 100+ countries in the world to suspend their national legislation, because it also says that, ‘You cannot change your laws in the country to alter the liability issues, in regard to this contract.’

“So…a pharmaceutical company goes and dictates to all of these countries in the world, that they cannot practice their own legislative power. That’s not Pfizer. That’s the US Government!”

We saw similar levels of profound, systemic treason in the Konnech “voting software” (datamining) case, which revealed that the CCP and the Chinese military may already have the keys in their hands to the entire United States infrastructure, and to every moving part of our daily existence – with the support and the blessing of the US Military and the Federal Government.

As has long been evident for those with the eyes to see, the US Government and the US military do not represent or defend the People of the US, they do the bidding of the central bankers; the Globalists.

America was too big and too powerful to be invaded from without, so it had to be invaded from within. Other countries all over the world have been similarly captured from within and this is the horror that we are living today.


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