New Year’s Resolution

January 6, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Lew Rockwell


The number of Americans who think violence against the government is justified is on the rise, poll finds

34% of Americans believe violence against the government can at times be justified, which is up from 23% in 2015 and 16% in 2010, according to the poll’s findings. …

Men, younger adults, and those with college degrees were more likely to say violence was acceptable. Additionally, only 18% of Black [sic] Americans thought violence was justified compared to 40% of white Americans.

A majority, 62% said that violence was never justified, but the Post reported that’s a decrease from the 1990s when as many as 90% of respondents said violence was never justified.

Respondents said the government violating or taking away people’s rights or freedoms such as overreaching coronavirus restrictions and disenfranchisement of minority voters were justifications for violence.

Will this be the year that we “alter or abolish” the USSA’s tyrannical governments?

Thanks to Bill Martin for sending this encouraging report.