Open Letter To Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (SCOTUS)

December 20, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


Andrew C. Wallace

December 20, 2022

Our state and federal governments ignore the Constitution and do as they please for money, election and power. Many of these officials are corrupt, cowards, and outright traitors as specified in the Constitution. But SCOTUS is unique, they are in office for life.  I understand that SCOTUS for the most part can’t act on its own without requests from others. But they could certainly be more responsive to requests they do receive and indicate willingness to adjudicate other critical issues like I have listed here. Some would say that such risk aversion is cowardice by SCOTUS.

I have great respect for you, but not so much for the Court which has failed the Republic completely and in all respects.  I am a Patriot  88 years old, legally blind and a disabled veteran with a modicum of education in Economics and the Constitution. Based upon performance by most lawyers and lower court judges, I think I might know more about the Constitution than many of them or maybe the problem is their greed and cowardice prevents them from honoring their oaths.

The Supreme Court  by failing to function for whatever reason has allowed the destruction  of our Constitutional Republic. Listed below are just some of the failings of SCOTUS of which I am aware. I know that you are aware of all of them, and more.

1…It is true that the American people failed to overcome the multi-billions of dollars spent by the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class,(PSRRC, vote fraud, and other schemes to rig elections,  And SCOTUS failed to function.

2…It is true that out of 108 federal departments, 81 are Unconstitutional usurpations in violation of the Enumerated Powers, All of the laws relating to the 81 departments are unconstitutional and SCOTUS failed to function.

3…It is almost impossible to petition government and seek redress without being told that you lack standing, and SCOTUS failed to function.

4…Our money is not gold and silver as required by the Constitution which allowed millions of innocent people to be murdered in wars for profit while transferring the peoples assets to the wealthy. And SCOTUS failed to function.

5…Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank (owned by private banks) has transferred peoples wealth to the elite, supported wars for profit, government boondoggles, depressions, destroying country with inflation and etc And SCOTUS failed to function.

6…Congress terminated the Constitutional Militia of the Several States with the Dick Act and authorized the FBI (for which I can find no support in Enumerated Powers). Federal government has no police powers in the states but congress gave some to them unconstitutionally. And SCOTUS failed to function.

7…Congress enacts all manner of Unconstitutional acts that are not authorized by the Enumerated Powers such as laws relating to education, housing, charity, energy, agriculture, medical  et al which are only some of the  powers usurped from the states. And SCOTUS failed to function.

8…The administration spends the people’s money on many things that are unconstitutional such as foreign aid, Troops based in foreign countries without a declaration of war etc. And SCOTUS failed to function

9…It is Treason as specified in the Constitution to give aid and comfort to enemy invaders with support and open borders. There is no way to arrest and prosecute traitors with our corrupt system. And SCOTUS failed to function.

10…Our federal income tax as it is now administered is unconstitutional. And SCOTUS failed to function.

11…Congress is only authorized to pay for government debts, Defense and the general welfare. It can’t spend money on subjects not related to the Enumerated Powers. I can see no Constitutional authority to fund Ukraine or give them military equipment leaving our military without weapons for our defense. And SCOTUS failed to function.

12…Power of the vote has been transferred from citizens to the wealthy and their controlled woke corporations with unlimited funding to buy, rig and control elections. And SCOTUS failed to function

13…The corrupt fBI with no Constitutional authority is terrorizing people in the states acting under Color of Law with or without support of courts. And SCOTUS failed to function.

14…Americans have been jailed and tortured in solitary confinement without due process of law in a False Flag of an insurrection on January 6, 2021 promoted by the government. And  SCOTUS failed to function.

15…Government violates the Fourth Amendment right to privacy by hacking private information without a warrant. And SCOTUS failed to Function.

16…One must not forget that ALL Americans have been impoverished by the 81 unconstitutional agencies and related laws. But thousands of people have been totally destroyed financially and put in jail for violating unconstitutional laws. This is mostly a result of the concentration of power obtained by usurpation of state powers.

In Conclusion: Justice Thomas, I know you to be a good, even great man and I know you are one of the few who has the position, intellect and courage to save our country from total ruin. We are close to a Major Economic Collapse of a magnitude never seen in America which will leave us devastated. If history is any guide conditions in America would be very close to those in France that brought on the Reign of Terror. We must prevent such a catastrophe. Please tell me how SCOTUS (our last hope) can save the country before a Civil War, not why it is not possible. If SCOTUS could conjure up a Constitutional justification for abortion or rewrite Obama’s Health Care Bill It should certainly be able to do something with clear violations of the Constitution. Otherwise it is superfluous to the Union. When the court wants to do something it finds a way.

I look forward to hearing from you.