Palestinian Tent of Nations-We Refuse To Be Enemies-Non-Violent Resistance-

March 23, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


Palestinian Christian Daoud Nassar just completed a very successful speaking tour in Arizona. Daoud’s compelling testimony explains his family’s non-violent actions to save their 100 year old farm that is surrounded by five, illegal, Israeli settlements in the West Bank of Palestine and subject to the injustices of a brutal military occupation. Daoud’s project is called Tent of Nations, and is truly unique in peacemaking efforts as it follows what Jesus taught, “Blessed are the peacemakers for the shall be called sons of God” (Matthew 5:7).

In one of his presentations in Arizona, Daoud Nassar points to the Tent of Nations on a map that shows how it is surrounded by Israeli settlements [in blue]. The Israeli separation wall goes deep into Palestinian territory and will eventually cut off the Tent of Nations and other Palestinian land from the nearby Palestinian city of Bethlehem.

Please take time to watch this inspiring, 8 minute video by Urban Tribes that gives an excellent overview of what Tent of Nations is all about and explains their principles and objectives that include: 1. We refuse to be victims. 2. We refuse to hate 3. We live with our faith. 4. We believe in justice. The Tent of Nation’s motto is “We Refuse To Be Enemies.”  Daoud’s speaking tour was sponsored by The Friends of Tent of Nations, North America.

One of We Hold These Truths’ directors, Tom Compton visited and worked at the Tent of Nations during his month long stay in Palestine, based in Bethlehem, with the Iktashef Experience. that is sponsored by the Holy Land Trust.

We Hold These Truths Arizona Outreach Director, Tom Compton with Daoud Nassar at the Tent of Nations.

Three of the 2017 Iktashef Experience participants included Marcus (lft.) from Scotland and Noah and AnaMichele from the US.