Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Indicted. What We Know So Far…

January 26, 2016 in News by RBN

Louder with Crowder | Courtney Kirchoff

Planned Parenthood, the billion dollar–with government funding–abortion mill, came out sunny and cheery today as the Center for Medical Progress leaders David Daleiden and Sandra Merrit, were indicted by a grand jury for their sting operation into the abortion conglomerate this past summer and fall. If you don’t remember what happened, let me give you a refresher. David Daleiden captured Planned Parenthood doctors and directors talking about the selling and trafficking of abortion leftovers, i.e. dead baby parts. This got Planned Parenthood a little miffed, for despite all leftists touting how wonderful abortion is for women, they never want you to actually see what abortion is or what abortion does to unborn children. Or to women.

So, after several videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood filed an injunction to suppress the release of a certain StemExpress video (which you can see here). CMP released different, additional videos, further illustrating the horror happening behind closed doors…with government funding. Always remember that. Your tax dollars, America.

The videos caused quite a stir on the internet (most mainstream news outlets would not show the videos) and even caused a congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood released several statements saying they did nothing wrong… then when it was clear their pants were causing global warming, said they’d stop the baby-part procurement program they’d been telling everyone they hadn’t done.

The narrative of the videos in the media and across all Democrat and liberal tables was: the videos were highly doctored/edited (even though CMP always released the full videos on YouTube). The videos, as it turned out, showed no evidence of tampering.

Fast forward to present day, and a grand jury has indicted CMP’s Daleiden on felony charges:

The grand jury in Harris County indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt on a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record. Daleiden was also indicted on a misdemeanor charge of “prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs,” Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said in a statement.

The grand jury declined to indict anyone from Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast — the initial target of the investigation. Planned Parenthood officials said violence against clinics rose dramatically as the videos were released in mid-2015.

The Center for Medical Progress has released a statement:

The Center for Medical Progress uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws. We respect the processes of the Harris County District Attorney, and note that buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. Planned Parenthood still cannot deny the admissions from their leadership about fetal organ sales captured on video for all the world to see.

Good point, right? How can you be a buyer without a seller?

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Now for my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Opinion: this will not stop David Daleiden. He has been adamantly against Planned Parenthood and abortion since the beginning of ever. He is a fighter. He is passionately pro-life, and wants to see Planned Parenthood defunded.

What happened in Texas today is a travesty. Whistleblowers got punished for trying to take down a grave human injustice. Is it surprising? Sadly no. As I stated at the opening of this post, Planned Parenthood rakes in billions of dollars. Abortion is a cash cow. Abortion is the sacrament of liberalism. Killing babies is a lucrative business and if you thought Planned Parenthood would lay down its curettages and aspirators… no.

Look no further than history and the Civil War. Like abortion, slavery was a huge issue for Democrats (yes, Democrats supported slavery). Like abortion, slavery was a money issue. The southern states needed slavery for their agricultural businesses to thrive. Like abortion, slavery wasn’t just going to go away with people seeing the truth of slavery (though that certainly helped in England, thank you William Wilberforce).

We’ll be watching this story closely. Like James O’Keefe, David Daleiden will be punished for exposing the tragedy that is abortion.

He’s not the only one, though. Abby Johnson also spoke with us about Planned Parenthood. Spoiler alert: they’re evil.

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