Police Raid Farm – Mike Parsons – Radio Broadcaster, Commercial Pilot, and Farmer – Arrested by Tipton County, Tennessee Sheriffs Office

February 12, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: USA Prepares

By Vincent Finelli

Mike Parsons, former US Air Force Civil Air Patrol pilot, broadcaster, and on-air radio Instructor has been arrested at his Tipton County, Tennessee farm today.

According to Mrs. Pat Parsons, Mike Parsons’ wife, four police vehicles arrived at the family farm at about 13:30 local time today.

Mike Parsons is in the Tipton County jail awaiting arraignment.

Armed officers demanded to enter the Nemenhah Sacred Ground property which by treaty with the US Government is off limits to government employees under most circumstances.

According to Mrs. Parsons, Tipton County deputies and under cover police demanded to enter the farm threatening to crash through the farm gate. According to Mrs. Parsons, Mike Parsons parked his vehicle in front of his farm gate, police seized his car keys, moved his car out of their way, and trespassed onto the Parsons’ farm.

The raid was executed as a result of a false tip, said to have originated from P.E.T.A. falsely alleging the mistreatment and cruelty of some 200 wolf hybrid dogs, goats, chickens, ducks, and cats.

Mrs. Parsons stated that there was no cruelty to the animals and that the Tennessee state veterinarian brought to the farm by the sheriff’s office found that the alleged cruelty to animals was unfounded and unwarranted.

I spoke with Chief Donna Turner of the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office this evening and I was also told that the cruelty to animals allegation was unfounded as well.

This raid, was the second raid by the Tipton County officials on the Parsons’ farm according to Mrs. Parsons. Both raids were based on false allegations of cruelty to 200 dogs. Both allegations were determined by officials to be unfounded.

So why is this happening?

Why did the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office trespass on the Parsons’ farm in violation of the US Treaty with the Native American band of Tribes known as Nemenhah?

Mrs. Parsons believes that the raids are orchestrated to again put her husband in jail because of his desire to “clean up Tipton County by replacing those in power with newly elected representatives of the People.”

Previously I spoke with Mike Parsons on-air and he described how he ran for public office in Tipton County, Tennessee, and it was announced that he won the election on local television – but the next day that the election results were flipped, and his election win became a loss. Mike Parsons believes that there was vote fraud.

Shortly thereafter, on September 24, 2007, according to Mike Parson’s website, Tipton County Deputy Barry Laxton executed two of Mike’s dogs by firing more than 30 rounds at Mike Parsons and his dogs from a semiautomatic rifle.


He began yelling at the deputy to stop shooting, and as a result, Mike Parsons spent the next two and a half years in the Tennessee State Prison. See Parsons’ website for details.

What can you do? You may call the Sheriff of Tipton County, Tennessee:

J. T. “Pancho” Chumley, Tipton County Sheriff’s Office, where their motto is, “Serving, Protecting, Caring” 901-475-3300

You might want to inquire about just what is happening in Tipton County, Tennessee.

Be assured that we are following this story very closely.