Radio station says Monica Conyers was fired over $750 hotel booking

March 23, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


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Stations alleges Conyers tried to use her congressman-husband’s federal ID for a discount on a trip that he didn’t accompany her on

  • Conyers used the CEO’s executive assistant to book a room at The Peninsula in Chicago for $750 a night when it wasn’t approved.
  • She tried to get a discount on a trip using the federal government ID of her husband,  U.S. Rep. John Conyers, when he was never part of the trip.
  • She was “loud and obnoxious in the hallways of The Word Network and partying down like it’s 1999!”  (The Word Network is a national television and religious broadcasting network that is affiliated with 910 AM Superstation.)
  • She bothered the CEO while he was on vacation with his family and banged on his door at the office until he would open it.
  • She cleaned out company swag that was meant for marketing purposes.

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Attorney Daniel Findling, who represented Conyers in a past divorce proceeding and is acting as her spokesman, said Conyers denies all of it.

“The contents of the memo are baseless. While Kevin Adell has continued to try to draw attention to his fledgling radio station using the Conyers name, Monica is taking the high ground. She’s moving on with her life. ”

When asked if any of the allegations in the memo are true, Findling said:

“I asked her flat out if any of it was true and she said no.’

Adell has not returned numerous calls for comment.

Conyers served three years in federal prison for taking bribes when she was a councilwoman and graduated from law school during the turmoil. She last made headlines last year when she filed for divorce from her 87-year-old Congressman husband, but the two renewed their vows last year.

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