RBN Fund Raiser with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Bonus!

December 27, 2018 in News, RBN Updates by RBN



RBN Fund Raiser with Front Sight Bonus

Attention RBN listeners!  RBN needs your support.  You have heard that before, it’s still true but this request is different.

For a one time donation of  $500 you will receive, as an unheard of thank you BONUS, a Commander Lifetime Membership with Front Sight Firearms training institute near Pahrump NV. not far from Las Vegas.

The Commander membership is advertised at $25,000 and has numerous amazing benefits including:

  •  guns at $50 over dealer cost,
  •  any class guaranteed with 2 weeks notice,
  •  ammo at 20% ove manufacturing cost,
  •  free overnight accommodations at their on site facility, while you train, as soon as they are complete and numerous other benefits.

In close to 19 years they have trained nearly one million students.  Front Sight trains more people in one year than all other facilities in the US combined.

Front Sight offers more than 50 classes both day and night: pistol, rifle, shotgun and hand defense on 50+ ranges.

Take as many classes as you want as often as you want for the rest of your life.

Choose someone to inherit your membership and it will transfer when you pass.

There are no yearly fees or dues.  The training is free for life.

There is a background check fee of $50 for the year you  train whether you take one class or many classes.

You will have to provide approved: firearm, ammo, eye and ear protection.

Check RBN’s web sight and www.Frontsight.com for more info and details.

Help keep both you and RBN alive.

Special Offer From The President of Front Sight

The President of Front Sight has made a special offer to all Politicians (currently seated) – Federal, State, County or City and School Teachers to attend a FREE 4 day pistol course.

School Teachers must be from a school that allows teachers to carry.  Teachers request must be submitted on school letterhead.

Request must be made by email:


If you have any questions for Front Sight:

Call – 1-800-987-7719


Please let them know that RBN sent you!!  Thank you! 

How to receive your Front Sight Bonus because of your RBN donation

Go to www.frontsight.com

Click on “course application”

Click on “Create a New Account” (there is no cost to create an account)

Enter the information requested

Richard Waner: 310-980-6022

Please include your name, address, phone number and your Front Sight “login ID only”  do not send your password!

I have to have your “login ID” to be able to make the transfer of the membership.

Within 3-5 days of the check clearing your Commander Lifetime Membership will show in your Front Sight account.

Before you sign up for a class you will have to fill out a “CHARACTER WITNESS STATEMENT” then fax or mail to Front Sight.

You will find the “Character Witness Statement” on Front Sight’s web site.