RBN Host’s Video Probes Media Malpractice About Virus Scare

April 1, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


By Mark Anderson, RBN host of STOP THE PRESSES!


WORLD IMPACT NEWS co-producers Jason Mangum, a Constitutional pastor, and Mark Anderson, a longtime investigative reporter, discuss the Coronavirus and pose the key question: Is The Lockdown Necessary? In this segment they take a closer look at the facts and fallacies surrounding the lockdown over the Coronavirus and the resulting, and largely unnecessary, anxiety and hysteria.
Additionally, they share facts about the large numbers of recoveries and other hopeful sins that the Mass Media Cartel ignores and refuses to report. They also share reports and statements from medical professionals around the world about what is really happening with COVID-19. — World Impact News Videos & Podcasts — Watch WIN on YouTube: http://bit.ly/31tiuxN
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Mr. Anderson also occasionally appears on Alternate Current Radio and UK Column News, including the March 6 edition of UKC. To see that UKC broadcast about Mr. Anderson’s coverage of Washington-based think tanks and of Congres,. go to this link UK Column News – 6th March 2020
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Jason Mangum is the founder of World Impact News and the Senior Pastor of The River Church in McAllen, Texas. For more information visit http://www.rivertx.com. Follow Jason Mangum on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jasonwmangum
Mark Anderson is a co-producer and reporter for World Impact News. He is a long-time commentator and journalist with over 34 years of experience. He is also the founder of Stop The Presses, which is the name of his Republic Broadcasting Network radio show and the name of his news-gathering association. You can read his blog The Truth Hound at https://www.thetruthhound.com  Also see Facebook.com/thetruthhound. Twitter: Twitter.com/@STPnewsman