(ANNOUNCEMENT) RBN’s John Stadtmiller Book Drive!!

December 5, 2022 in News, RBN Updates by RBN Staff



  • RBN will be conducting an ongoing book drive starting November 7th 2022  —  January 8th 2023.

  • Donations of $100 or more taken from November 1st — January 8th  will provide the donor with an opportunity to receive a book previously owned by John Stadtmiller.

  • To be clear; if you donated $100 or more between November 1st-7th (before this announcement was made) you can still qualify but you must call us (@ 800-724-2719 extension #3) to make the request.

  • The available “books of the week” will be posted in the RBN news feed every Monday and announced by various hosts throughout the week.

  • Every Sunday night there will be a drawing from the list of qualified donors and the winners will be announced in the second hour of Off The Beaten Path w/ Steve Elkins @ 8pm CST.

  • If you don’t win a book your name will carry over into next week’s drawing. This policy will continue until the drive ends on January 8th 2023 .