Regarding Mike Adams of Natural News …

December 14, 2020 in News by RBN Staff



via: email from an RBN listener


Hello John,

For what it is worth, I just wanted to give you my two cents on Adams.  
He sure started on the wrong track early on with his hysterical COVID coverage. He began posting a series of grim, doomsday articles which turned out to be just plain wrong – but he would never admit it.

It turned out that the dead bodies on the beach shown in the above video were from a 2014 Libyan shipwreck – not Ecuador.
Were we to believe that sick and dying Ecuadorans’ final impulse was to somehow crawl toward the beaches to die? 
And who knows where the footage of bodies in the street really came from?
And another Natural News article claiming that crematories in Mexico City were burning dead bodies 24/7 also was debunked by someone who went there to investigate.
When I attempted several times on two different days to offer a polite, respectful comment on one of his articles pointing out this erroneous information and also questioning why Adams was ignoring the mountain of evidence pointing to the corporate media coverage being an outright fraud using inflated case and death numbers,  Natural News refused to post my comment. 

I had mentioned the private videos surfacing on YouTube showing empty hospitals and parking lots the very day after hysterical news reports had shown long lines and packed waiting rooms, and described New York hospitals as being like “war zones”, overwhelmed with sick and dying COVID patients, while showing clips of training mannequins on gurneys presented as dying victims.
I also mentioned the testimony of numerous doctors and nurses who said that the PCR tests were inadequate and producing so many false positives, case numbers were being inflated and death certificates falsified at the order of the CDC.
For some strange reason, Adams did not want to touch this at all, and chose instead to stick with the corporate news narrative which promoted totally inflated, inaccurate data.
So my comment was censored by Natural News – even as Adams continued to rail against Google and Facebook for their censorship, calling them unAmerican, a danger to freedom, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

And as time went on, when death numbers turned out not to be quite as dire as he had warned, he quietly toned down his hysterical rhetoric but to my knowledge never retracted or corrected any of his previous errors.
So while I still appreciate some of his work, I also lost a lot of respect for the guy. Cocky and arrogant. And a hypocrite.
As you say, “NOT a reliable source of information”.