Regarding This Bizarre Thing with the Polish Jets

March 9, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



By Andrew Anglin |


There is so much […] disinformation relating to this Russian liberation of […]-occupied Ukraine, it is really exhausting to try to parse it out.

Along with just basic atrocity hoaxes and stupid lies about the way the war is going for the Ukrainians (they are getting slaughtered like beasts but also they are really winning hard), there is just a lot of hazy confusion in the way the thing is being managed by Washington and their subordinates in the EU and NATO.

This thing with the Polish jets is sort of the epitome of a bizarre debacle.


  • Russia destroyed all the airfields in the Ukraine in the first 24 hours. Across the country, they bombed out any ability for jets to take off or land inside the country.
  • Like a week ago, the Ukrainian government announced that Poland was going to allow Ukrainian jets to take off from Polish airbases, bomb Russian troops, then return to land in Poland. This would have been effectively a NATO entry into the war, because if you’re allowing a belligerent to use your military bases on your own sovereign territory, you’ve become a co-belligerent.
  • Poland said that this was not true, that they had no plans for this.
  • Then, a couple of days ago, Poland started saying that it could give the Ukraine free MIG fighter jets. The media started talking about how great of an idea this was, because Ukrainian pilots know how to fly these old Soviet planes.
  • Antony Blinken went on a Sunday morning talk show, and said he is giving the greenlight to Poland to give these MIGs to the Ukraine, and that the US would then reimburse Poland by giving them F-15s.
  • The Biden people appeared to be in agreement on this plan.
  • It was never discussed where these jets would be taking off and landing from. The Ukraine still has some of its own jets, they just can’t take off or land.
  • On Tuesday, Poland announced that it was delivering the jets promptly to Rammstein, a US-held military base in Germany, and that the jets would then be at the disposal of the US to give to Poland.
  • The Pentagon announced that this plan would not work.
  • The media went nuts, talking about how Biden is refusing to give Ukraine the jets it needs to kill the evil Russians. (The media, like the government, has never addressed where the jets would be operating out of, but again, it can’t be the Ukraine, so it is a really, really important question.)

That’s where we are now.

The media (and I guess the Pentagon) are acting like this is some kind of chain of custody issue, where the jets shouldn’t pass through US hands. The Biden people are also saying that they never agreed to a deal with Poland, the Poles just decided to publicly announce they were sending the jets to Germany.

Obviously, America is already sending in weapons, at least in theory (it’s not clear if any weapons are actually getting across the border, let alone to Kiev). So simply sending the jets in on the back of trucks would not be different than what is happening now. The entire issue is where they fly out of, because if they are flying out of a NATO country, then NATO has entered the war.

I don’t want to give them any ideas, but I have to think they must have thought of this already: the obvious thing would be to fly them out of the non-NATO US-run Islamic terrorist base of Kosovo. This is an insane idea, but it follows the logic they are working with right now.

The Albanians would I’m certain be excited to get in on the action.

It would be difficult for Russia to respond.

Of course, Russia shouldn’t have a problem shooting down the jets while they are over Ukrainian airspace. So it isn’t really a huge problem either way.

It’s Important to Remember…

I assume most of you are seeing media about the Ukraine. It would be virtually impossible not to.

It’s important to remember that there is no mission in any of this, other than to extend the war as long as possible, with as much death and carnage as possible. There is no chance that the Ukraine is going to win the war in the long run, so the only goal is to drag it out.

This is not normally considered a viable military objective. But in this case, this entire thing is theater, for the purpose of demonizing Russia, and for attempting to demoralize the people of Russia into some kind of revolt against Putin.

Zelensky has already said that he’s willing to discuss recognizing Crimea and the Donbass as Russian.

At the same time, he’s claiming to be Winston Churchill while appearing via Zoom before the British Parliament.

By the way, he’s also continuing to claim to be in Kiev, but refuses to release any kind of proof that couldn’t be easily doctored.

Watch the camera turn from the street view in this video.

So, by all appearances, he is acting like an erratic lunatic, both claiming that he is ready to die in Kiev, that he is Winston Churchill, but also that he’s open to agreeing to Putin’s demands in full.

At this point, the better outcome for Russia, in my opinion, would simply be cutting loose and winning the war.

Putin is being too much of an optics cuck and allowing these people to play games with these evacuations, and it’s just not moving fast enough. Like, for three days, virtually nothing has happened. The Russians have gained a little bit of ground, but they are being so careful about civilian deaths that it’s just going so slow.

Obviously, the optics are not for the West. That cannot be the case. The West is posting all of this crisis actor stuff and claiming Russian soldiers are eating babies. If anything, the optics in the West are worse because it’s taking so long, because they’re able to claim Russia is incompetent, when they are actually just optics cucks.

Doing the optics for the sake of the Ukrainians makes sense. But if he’s going to keep the territory – Kiev and everything east of it – anyway, he’s going to have control over the media and he can just run nonstop footage of the atrocities of the US occupation, Azov lunatics, how everything was run by Jewish thieves, and how the West was trying to turn kids gay.

This is from a kindergarten in a liberated part of the Ukraine:

They’re going to have all kinds of stuff like this.

Ukraine is a religious country, and Russia can just be like “yo, these Jews were trying to turn your kids gay, sorry some shit got rekt, but we had to save your kids from being turned into fags.”

I respect the optics cuck perspective, but the Zelensky occupation is just going to keep doing these fake evacs and then shooting at their own people and claiming it’s the Russians. If they were going to allow people to evacuate, they would have done that already.