Report: Dr Seuss Inspired Mug Draws Backlash From Liberals

July 6, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  zerohedge


(DHG) — The liberals are back at it again… it seems like cancelling Dr. Seuss was not enough!

An innocent patriotic brand selling hilarious “I Do Not Like You Sleepy Joe” Mugs on their website has enraged Liberals and boy are they angry.

They’ve gone to social media to rant about how owners of said mug are “losers” and how it is just like the “racist” Dr. Seuss books. Simply hilarious!

Little did they know that their social media rants would completely back fire!

As soon as conservatives got wind that the site was being “cancelled”, demand skyrocketed.

Owner Tyler W. had this to say:

The Liberals, they sure don’t know how to get things done!

Thanks to them, sales have been FLOODING in. Seems like everyone loves our new mug!

The Libs are truly evil trying to take down a small business in times like these!”


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