Ruby Ridge white separatist Randy Weaver, whose 11-day standoff with federal agents transfixed America and left his wife and son dead in 1992, dies age 74

May 13, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Federal Observer | Posted by: Jeffrey Bennett

Randy Weaver, patriarch of a family that was involved in an 11-day Idaho standoff with federal agents 30 years ago that left three people dead and inspired the modern anti-government militia movement, has died at the age of 74.

His death on Wednesday was announced on in a Facebook post by daughter Sara Weaver, who lives near Kalispell, Montana and wrote ‘Love you always Dad’ on a post sharing a photo of him, along with the dates January 3, 1948, and May 11, 2022.

Rest in Peace my Brother. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Editor

  • Randy Weaver died on Wednesday aged 74, his daughter revealed in a statement
  • He was the central figure of the 11-day Ruby Ridge siege in August 1992

  • Federal agents were attempting to arrest him on bench warrant for missing court

  • Weaver’s wife Vicki, 14-year-old son Samuel and a federal agent were killed

  • He was later acquitted of all charges except the original failure to appear

  • Weaver and his family won a $3.1 million civil settlement from the government

  • He became a hero to white supremacist groups and anti-government militias

  • Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh cited Ruby Ridge as his motive (Continue…