Russian Envoy to UN Humiliates Neocon Henchman Elliot Abrams, Says He’s a Scheming Liar (Russian TV News)

March 4, 2019 in News by RBN Staff


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Elliott Abrams has had a difficult month. Two weeks ago, the Reagan-Administration crony had to sit through a public interrogation at the hands of newly elected Somali Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who, referring to Abrams’ involvement in the the Iran-Contra scandal, asked “Why should we trust you?”

He fumbled his way through that one, and was only saved by the media, who predictably accused Rep. Omar an anti-semitism. Clearly she was on to something.

And now a further humiliation. Earlier this week, Russian UN envoy Vassily Nebenzia called out Abrams in front of the UN General Assembly, noting that in the 1980s Abrams had schemed to smuggle arms to Nicaraguan death-squads disguised as ‘humanitarian aid,’ and that this was exactly what he was doing again with the current humanitarian aid. Then he pointed out that the US has plundered a total of $30 Billion from Venezuela just over the last few months by illegally freezing their assets, and that in the face of this it was the height of hypocrisy to offer a measly $20 million in aid, hiding military weapons in the aid, no less. Nebenzia said quite plainly that Abrams and the US were lying.

Brutal. In the video below, you can watch the neocon Abrams cover his face in shame as he remembers how his career almost fell apart in the early 90’s amid accusations of perjury.

What is it with these Reagan Admin guys?

The sad part is this Jewish deep-state hack always finds his way back to the top. He received a presidential pardon from Bush the Elder, multiple appointments to key positions from Bush the Younger, and–despite viciously denouncing him in 2016–an appointment from President Trump as Special Representative for Venezuela.

He’s also, ironically, a member of the Holocaust Memoral Museum’s ‘Committee on Conscience’.

Transcript: (Key parts in bold)

The US put on a show around Venezuela, the purpose of which is to overthrow the regime they don’t like. That’s what Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya stated at the session of the UN Security Council. He also blamed Washington for the humanitarian crisis in the country, which the sanctions introduced by the US against Venezuela in 2013 led to.

My colleague, Valentin Bogdanov, listened attentively to the speech of the Russian diplomat and representatives of other countries as well. He’s now live with our studio.

– Hello, Valentin. What other statements were made at the session?

– Hello, Pavel. The session on the Venezuela issue is still being held. It’s interesting to look at whom the US sent to this session. It’s that Elliott Abrams, Trump’s Special Representative for Venezuela. The thing is that now the Americans don’t have a permanent representative to the Security Council, and Abrams was appointed to speak at that session.

Before the session began, journalists caught him and asked a traditional question of whether America is planning military intervention into the events around Venezuela. As an answer, Abrams referred to Trump’s words from some time ago that every option is being considered. Either way, when the session began, Abrams didn’t directly speak about military intervention.

But he called for tightening sanctions against Caracas yet again, introducing additional sanctions against Venezuela. He said that such sanctions will be introduced this week and next week. Let’s listen to a fragment of his speech.

Elliott Abrams, US Special Representative for Venezuela:

“Now, it’s time for us to strengthen our commitment to the brave Venezuelan people. We call upon the members of the Security Council to join us in satisfying the growing needs in Venezuela and that region.

We call upon the member states to consider what resources and tools they have to contribute to Venezuelan democracy and put pressure on Maduro’s illegal regime for him to resign peacefully. We ask other countries to join us in punishing those involved in the violence last weekend and having enriched themselves by the corrupted regime of Maduro.

We ask member states to contribute to addressing the humanitarian situation in Venezuela as dozens of countries have already done.”

As I’ve already said, Elliott Abrams is a very controversial figure. He has a pretty filthy past if we can say so. In 1985, he got kicked out of the State Department because he concealed his participation in the Iran-Contra scandal. It involved supplying arms to death squads rampaging in Latin America. This scenario is practically being repeated now with regard to Venezuela. Take this case with the humanitarian convoy. It was already tested by the Americans in Nicaragua, which our permanent representative, Vasily Nebenzya, mentioned.

Elliott Abrams’s face was worth seeing at that moment. He covered his face with his hands. Such parallels don’t strengthen Washington’s position, of course. Let’s listen to that fragment from the speech of our Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya.

Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN:

“We can’t but remember the events of 1986 when the humanitarian aid for Nicaragua turned out to be an arms shipment for the Contras.

Obviously, we have deja vu remembering that episode. Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s not humanitarian aid. If the US really wanted to help the people of Venezuela, it’d act via any of the UN agencies accredited in that country as other countries successfully do.

For example, last week, we delivered 7.5 tons of medical supplies to Caracas. We did it via the WHO. And we didn’t face any obstacles.”

As it usually happens, it was mostly those countries representing the Western Bloc that supported Washington’s position. The permanent representative of Great Britain actively spoke. Meanwhile, representatives of many countries who spoke according to Rule 37 of the Provisional Rules of Procedure of the SC governing the participation of other countries in the session, said that military interference is unacceptable. They spoke about the difficult humanitarian situation in Venezuela a lot.

Vasily Nebenzya pointed at the main causes of the events currently taking place in Caracas. America often states that life is hard in Venezuela, that they need to supply humanitarian aid there under any pretext. But Vasily Nebenzya pointed at the causes.

This difficult situation in the social sphere was caused by the American sanctions on Venezuela’s assets, which are worth colossal amounts of money, were frozen. Let’s listen to our permanent representative on that issue once again.


“Instead of the hypocritical attempt to import humanitarian aid worth $20 million, it’s necessary to immediately release accounts of the Venezuelan state-owned enterprises in US banks for $11 billion which were allocated by the government to purchase medicine, food, and basic necessities.

And what about PDVSA’s assets, which are worth $7 billion? And what about the Venezuelan gold in Great Britain, which is worth $1.2 billion?

Washington and London have plundered a total of $30 billion of oil and bank assets from the Venezuelan people in the last few years alone.”

It’s obvious that a military solution can’t improve this situation at all. As I’ve already mentioned, the statements by the representatives of other countries were unequivocal: nobody supports Washington, even in a hypothetically possible military operation.

They’re unlikely to adopt a final resolution today because the Western position isn’t consistent with the position of many other countries as usual. We’ll keep following the session though.


– Thank you. That was Valentin Bogdanov on the discussion of the Venezuela issue at a UN Security Council session. It’s still being held.

Head of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry Jorge Arreaza has just voiced the accusations that arms for the opposition are being purchased in Eastern Europe.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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