Russian Military Drills Conclude, Troop Withdrawal Begins, White House Proclaims the Stunning Strength and Brilliant Strategic Thinking of Joe Biden Averted Thermonuclear War

February 16, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



Russia military exercises have concluded, so they are pulling back and going home.  The Democrats are so desperate to call SOMETHING/ANYTHING a Biden success.  I believe Putin killed 2 birds with one stone with his military exercises.  He just forced the price of oil up, and gained BILLIONS in revenue for Russia.

The U.S. will continue to boost their DOD spending and drive up inflation.

Sooner or Later the Economy goes POP.  Flat Busted.
You can’t be a superpower when you are flat broke.

If the U.S. thinks they can go to China for credit, then think again.  An elephant never forgets, and neither do the Chinese. (NOT one red cent). An Empire…. NO MORE.

– Steve Elkins, Off the Beaten Path


Source: The Last Refuge

The previously planned Russian training exercises [Announcement Here] have been completed in Belarus – close to neighboring Ukraine. Today those troops began returning to their places of regular deployment as reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow.

As a result, the Biden manufactured ‘wag the dog‘ scenario, a fabricated ‘Russia invading Ukraine‘ premise by the White House, U.S. Dept of State, Pentagon and intelligence apparatus, needs to come to an end quickly.

After pretending that Russia was going to invade Ukraine in an effort to manufacture a political win out of thin air, Joe Biden will declare today he saved the world.

(New York Times) President Biden will speak on the Ukraine crisis at the White House this afternoon. Western analysts said it was too early to say if the announced troop movements were meaningful, but it might be a sign that Russia is stepping back from the threat of invasion.

President Vladimir V. Putin said Tuesday that Russia had decided “to partially pull back troops,” and the Russian Defense Ministry announced that some forces from military districts bordering Ukraine were being sent back to their garrisons, a sign that Moscow might be stepping away from the threat of an invasion.

The announcement was the strongest signal yet that Russia might be trying to de-escalate the military standoff near the Ukrainian border, but it was far from clear that the threat of war has passed. Military analysts warned that it was too early to make firm conclusions about any troop drawdown without more information. (read more)

Yesterday, Zero Hedge ran a CTH article detailing the fabricated ruse from the White House.  Today the AP said Zero Hedge was promoting propaganda from Russia.  Also today, White House has to pretend to take their victory lap early.  Go Figure.

Yes, you can thank me in the comments section for saving Ukraine from the United States CIA construct and averting war. [ LOL ] But seriously, that inflated sense of CTH importance is less silly than Biden’s claims today. That’s how stupid this entire thing has been.

Yes, the White House is exactly that desperate.