June 10, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff



Leave it to the awesome Babylon Bee to make a video so brutally honest, it’s hilarious. The Bee wrote:

This morning, Mattel announced the launch of a new Barbie-themed toy: a pregnant Ken doll. The move has been hailed as an exciting step forward for trans inclusion.

“Everyone needs to see themselves in their toys,” said Mattel executive Andrew Schiewe. “For too long, pregnant boys have been excluded. Today, this finally changes. We are pleased to announce the summer rollout of Pregnant Ken!”

Of course, Reuters, whose fact-check department is stuffed with humorless libtards, actually fact-checked the satire:

Toy maker Mattel, Inc. did not announce that it is intending to make a pregnant Ken doll in its next edition of Barbie and Ken. The image circulating online featuring what appears to be a pregnant male doll originated from a satirical website, Babylon Bee, although the image and claim duped many online into thinking it was real.

Yes, Reuters, thank you for telling us it’s a fake story. Now, if only Reuters did its job telling the world about all the fake stories on Trump/Russia collusion, the stolen election, the fake white house, school shootings and COVID vaccines being safe and effective we would be getting somewhere.