March 27, 2016 in News by D


President Obama has nominated a Supreme Court Justice to replace deceased Justice Antonin Scalia. Judge Merrick Garland has been touted as a moderate – presumably to make him more appealing to both sides of the aisle. However, shortly after the announcement, a secret visitor to the White House may have broadcast a much more compelling position of this nominee. According to Conservative Tribune:

Even setting aside the election year complications of this nomination to the highest court, conservatives would be hard-pressed to offer up their support for the moderate Garland, seeing as how he has ruled against the Second Amendment in the past.

But Garland’s positions on a variety of social issues remain unclear as well, despite his sitting on a federal bench in D.C. since being appointed during the Clinton administration.

It is Garland’s unknown stance on such hot-button issues as abortion that led to the almost conspiratorial nature of a picture that was taken following Garland’s nomination which revealed a special guest entering the White House, presumably to hold a meeting with Obama and Garland.

The woman in the picture is none other than Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood, obviously a staunch advocate of the so-called “right” of women to have their unborn babies brutally murdered and dismembered while still in the womb, to be sold as spare parts for “research.”

According to LifeNews, the entrance of Richards to the West Wing where Obama and Garland were has fueled speculation that the judge is indeed in favor of abortion, with the meeting between him and Richards serving as a chance for the high-profile abortion advocate to be reassured that the court would still lean in favor of allowing abortions on demand.

Should the speculation regarding Garland’s stance on abortion be proven true, it is yet another reason why the Republicans in the Senate must remain steadfast in their effort to ignore Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and leave the vacancy on the court to be filled by the next president.

One thing is certain, there is a battle ahead as Republicans try to thwart the selection of Judge Garland while Democrats try to force him through. If Hillary wins, it won’t really matter, if Trump, there may be a chance.