Seriously, What happened to Stephen Colbert?

May 23, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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By Alexandra Bruce
Forbidden Knowledge TV

May 23, 2022

This is a montage from the long running educational segment called “The Vax-Scene” that appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2021. These musical interludes purport to be a fun way to encourage viewers to go get the COVID-19 death shot but they’re as tone deaf and horrifically dystopian as could possibly be.

Colbert almost appears to be under duress, bopping to these bizarre orchestral pieces and animated cartoons, with lyrics that include tongue-in-cheek references to conspiracy theories, “No need for alarm! No microchip!” and Leftist kink, “You can lick your grandma now!”

The sequences are the likely result of CBS tossing their COVID-19 Relief Funds at the AFL-CIO’s SAG-AFTRALocal 802 Chapter of the American Federation of MusiciansIATSE’s Local 839 Animation Guild and the Actor’s Equity Association.

In short, this is what Socialist pork barrel entertainment looks like. These labor unions largely exist to organize health insurance for members of the entertainment industry and they are joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical industry.

The repulsive psychological component of these pieces is emblematic of the MK ULTRA torture technique described in “Alice in Wonderland: The Power of Applied Confusion” and by Gregory Bateson’s double-bind theory of schizophrenia. These illogical, phantasmagorical PSYOPs are designed to badger everyone into agreement, in order to stop the insanity.

These sequences of orchestrated gaslighting that are a scaled-up version of what was originally developed as an interrogation technique, the purpose of which is not just to obliterate the normal but to replace it with the mindbogglingly bizarre, causing viewers to go into a state of trauma that is so awful, they would rather give up their convictions and return to a reality that makes sense, than to continue with more days of this lunacy. It takes mere days for subjects to crack in an interrogation setting using the Alice in Wonderland Technique.

By understanding that these are torture techniques, it can help us to release ourselves from their thrall. We’ve known that this was unconventional warfare but knowing that it’s called the Alice in Wonderland Technique empowers us to identify it when it’s happening and to halt the fragmentation that it is attempting to induce.

Hopefully, these observations will help you assert your cognitive boundaries and will help you to insulate yourself to some degree, as this unconventional warfare against us drags on.