Shut It Down: As The Jewish Media Loses Power, Alternative Media Comes Under Attack

November 28, 2015 in Current Events, Judaism, New World Order, News by D

Kyle Hunt –


During the 20th century, the jewish elite consolidated their control over information outlets, seemingly achieving complete media domination. However, the internet came along and gave the average person the tools to reach a mass audience. After grinding away in semi-obscurity for a number of years, many of these alternative media outlets began to gather a large following, especially as the jewish media became ever more obvious with its blatant lies, bias, and anti-White agenda. As we are telling controversial truths, while they are having to market atrocious lies, we of the alternative media do not need nearly the same amount money, manpower, or readership/viewership to influence change on a grand scale. While mainstream newspapers, online portals, movies, and TV shows continue to falter, independent content creators are now steering the public conversation. This obviously worries the jewish criminal cabal and they are scrambling to find a solution.

One of the classic tactics employed by our kosher controllers has been to simply shut down or otherwise hobble anything that gets in their way. They have successfully been able to shut down PayPal accounts of many “anti-Semitic” journalists and make it nearly impossible to process online payments. They send their swarms of jewish activists to flag Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Youtube videos that they “hate”. They will do anything necessary to stop our message from going viral, which is why Renegade’s main upload ofHellstorm was banned from Youtube after averaging around 100,000 views per month after its release, and is still unavailable even after I beat the bogus copyright claims. They will hack websites, troll forums, dox activists (releasing personal information), threaten, and even kill. They have done this to our people countless times.

In Canada, Arthur Topham was just convicted of a serious “hate” crime for copying Germany Must Perish by jew Theodore Kaufman, which was lauded in the jewish press in 1941, and switching every instance of “German” to “jew”. Over in Europe, where censorship is much stronger, they throw people like Sylvia Stolz andUrsula Haverbeck in prison for even questioning the narrative of our jewish overlords. After the Paris Attacks committed by ISIS (see also: Mossad / Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and CIA), France has been shutting down alternative media sites in the name of “security”. The official media narrative needs to be protected at all costs. This is how much they fear the truth getting free.

There are many recent examples of jews attempting to stifle our signal here in America as well. Horus the Avenger’s “This Week In White Genocide” podcast was removed from SoundCloud, quickly followed by “The Daily Shoah” also being pulled. White Student Unions were removed from Facebook and the creators threatened. John Friend, who had his PayPal shut down last year, has been unable to have any articles fromThe Realist Report linked on Twitter, that is until yours truly implemented a URL shortener on his site! Mike Walsh, a great contributor here at the Tribune, faces frequent suspension on Facebook, along with many others. In fact, Facebook recently suspended our Renegade Broadcasting page, which coincided with ourTribune Newsletter getting blacklisted and not reaching most of the subscribers. After some headaches and much work, everything is working properly again. At least for now.

RayWill they really be able to “shut it down” without having it all blow up in their faces? I am of the opinion that if the jews were to REALLY crack down completely on free speech on the internet, it would be like when Samuel L. Jackson had to shut down Jurassic Park, with all bets being off and many “clever girls” breaking through their security systems. Or something like that.

Regardless, we should have multiple contingency plans in place in the event of a shut down. Save every important article on this site and others, and write your own. You can get around spying technology by going back to basics, using handwritten or typewritten messages. Non-digital interaction frightens the criminal controllers, as they are unable to fully monitor our activities and outreach. Our enemies hate not being able to run their metrics and have real-time situational awareness. Develop offline networks and set up other lines of communications. Get prepared and “hold on to your butts”, as things could get real exciting soon.