Slandered Christian Teenager Refuses to Abandon Legal Fight

January 25, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

by Donald Jeffries

Embattled Covington, Ky. teen Nicholas Sandmann and his attorneys didn’t let early discouraging results dissuade them from seeking legal redress against the powerful mainstream media outlets that defamed the youngster. A federal judge has ruled that Sandmann’s lawsuit against powerhouse CNN can proceed to discovery. In addition, as Sandmann’s attorney Todd McMurtry shared on Twitter, “Federal Judge William O. Bertelsman partially reversed his ruling to dismiss #nicksandmann’s claims against the @washingtonpost. Nick’s case may now proceed into discovery. The ruling bodes well for the NBC and CNN cases, as well.”

For those with short memories, Sandmann participated in a field trip to Washington, D.C. last January, along with his Covington High School classmates. The Catholic school group was in the nation’s capital to support a pro-life march. The state-controlled media showed brief snippets of an encounter between Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips. The incident was consistently touted as an example of “white privilege” run amuck, and Phillips was portrayed sympathetically as a Vietnam veteran and disrespected victim. In response, young Sandmann and his fellow students were attacked by several celebrities, with some advocating violence against the kids.