Smoking Gun: Sex / Financial PAC Scandal! (Questions for Ted Cruz!)

April 4, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


This is much bigger folks than the ‘attack’ on Trump’s wife and Rubio ‘allies’ spreading ‘sex scandals’ about Ted Cruz.  This is the smoking gun that ties it together.

This could put the nail in the coffin as more than just circumstantial evidence!  It’s been called the oddest donation of all time.  Someone please tell me why Ted or a Ted Cruz PAC would give Carly Fiorina campaign $500,000 dollars when she was his RIVAL???  It wasn’t a loan!  It was GIVEN to her as …Hmmmmm! –Hush money???   (This is all truthfully accurate documentation, folks as reported in documents to the FEC.)

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Breaking News:  The ‘Mistress Crisis’ Scandal

Let all those with logical minds read and figure out what is going on with Ted Cruz.  The circumstantial evidence is like the Bruno Magli Shoe in the OJ Simpson Case!

And Cruz-bots please don’t give me this: that Trump knows the owner of National Enquirer. That’s pathetic Baloney (BS)!  This is bigger than that!  (Trump Did ‘Not’ Ask NE to Tell Cruz ‘Super pac’ to Bribe Carly Fiorina –OK!)
Sarah Isgur Flores Most Probably Had an Affair With Ted Cruz!  If ‘not’ she knows something he does not want her to tell about it!
Sarah Flores served as Carly Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager during her unsuccessful 2016 run for President.
According to The Washington Post, a Ted Cruz-affiliated Super PAC, Keep the Promise I, suspiciously donated $500,000 (500k) to Carly Fiorina’s campaign fund in July 2015. This an interesting move considering she was one of his many rivals.
Simple logic would conclude that it had to be ‘Blackmail’ or ‘Hush Money’ diverted through a super PAC to pay off Sarah Isgur Flores.  Now, why else would a TED CRUZ super PAC give his opponent’s campaign $500.000???  It’s like giving your enemy the bullets for his gun in the middle of a war!
It does not make any other logical sense!!!
Let’s look into Sarah Isgur Flores shall we?  It is inferred by current reporting that she is at least one of the 8 or 9 women Cruz has had an affair with recently.  She previously worked for still-in-the-race Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Like Cruz, Flores is a graduate of Harvard Law. In 2009, Flores worked on the “Texans for Ted Cruz” campaign, according to her LinkedIn page.  She’s is also a graduate of Northwestern University.   She had ample opportunity to have an affair with Cruz. They worked together off and on since 2009.
Who is Keep The Promise I?  It is a deep pocketed Ted Cruz PAC (It is also intimated to be a slush fund).
Official PAC Name:
Location: PORT JEFFERSON STA, NY 11776
Industry: Republican/Conservative
FEC Committee ID: C00575373
The money from the Fiorina campaign was laundered through a company called MLJ Consulting.  Nearly half of the money spent on ads, over $251,795, was paid to MLJ Consulting.  On top of that, MLJ Consulting received an additional $271,152 for services described in FEC reports as “Political Strategy Consulting/Staff Management” or “Political Strategy Consulting/Travel.” (The FEC is currently requesting coordinating information left out on the payments and deposits in the filing by the Fiorina campaign.)
The payments to MLJ from the PAC Unlocking Potential have continued into the current campaign cycle.  Nearly half of the $210,656 the super PAC has spent has been paid to MLJ Consulting, mostly for “Political Strategy Consulting/Staff Management.”  The campaign and both super PACs, Unlocking Potential, Carly for America and MLJ Consulting seem to have secretly worked with Sarah Isgur Flores.


Sarah Isgur Flores received a one-time payroll check of $3,582 from Unlocking Potential,which she joined in February 2015 after leaving the Republican National Committee. Two months later, she was paid $148,375 by Carly for America, the super PAC. And one week after that,Flores received an in-kind payment of $12,700 from the Fiorina campaign.   She then began receiving biweekly payroll checks of $10,052 as the deputy director of Fiorina’s campaign.  This is the most reasonable manner that the ‘Hush Money’ was paid by Keep the Promise I. (The Ted Cruz Super PAC Operation!)
Now my question is very simple: Is it the same type of circumstantial evidence that we have on Hillary and the ‘Gun Running through Benghazi;’ or Bill Clinton’s $1,000,000 (million) speaking fees when Hillary Clinton changed her mind and approved the ‘Uranium Mine Sale to the Russians?’   It’s the same kind of logical deduction that brings to mind that something stinks.
Ted Cruz did something that someone in the Fiorina campaign knew about and wanted money for silence.
Ted Cruz is Cuban (Hispanic)!  Sara is Hispanic, They worked together.  They like each other; and then she goes to work in an opposing campaign with Carly Fiorina. So then his people authorize the payment of $ 500,000 to the Fiorina campaign???  This was done of course surreptitiously, no doubt through the Super PACS. The Fiorina campaign then takes the money and pays out portions of it and uses the rest. (Yes, the Fiorina campaign was cash strapped and hard up at the time; and they needed every buck they could get. So they then accepted the hush money gratefully; and they kept their word to keep the story quiet.)elgross facebook picture

UNTIL NOW!  …Now the world will know about the shady underbelly of “The Mistress Crisis Scandal!”  Will it end TED CRUZ’S campaign?  It should!  I know it’s time for the sake of the GOP and Ted Cruz’s career.  It is time for Ted Cruz to man up to this latest finding fact or fiction; and he should then quit his scandal ridden and destructive campaign A.S.A.P.


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