SPLC Spokesperson Says Immigration for The Purpose of Making Whites A Minority in America Has Been “Planned for a While”

March 5, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know

A smartphone video of a speaker from the Southern Poverty Law Center captured her admitting that the current shift in immigration that will make whites a minority population in America has been “planned for a while”. Furthermore, she says the process has already progressed to the point where it may be unstoppable, even if immigration should become limited. -GEG

While the image above is not from the SPLC themselves, apparently the video below is, although they did not want this talk getting out.

The presenter calls it “demographic dispossession of White people” but that’s really just a euphemism for White genocide, which these guys think is just great.

#TolerantFellow Tweet”

Secretly filmed SPLC meeting
”Why the rise in ‘Hate’ groups?”
”It’s the rise in the demographic dispossession of white people in America”
”You can’t stop it”
”It’s been planned for a while”

Really makes you think

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