Summary: A Standard CIA Operation

September 14, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


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The CIA has caused the death’s of more people then any alleged “Virus” has. Probably one of the least things you could complain about taxes for. The run their own drugs. Ask Gary Webb… Oh wait! He was murdered. Well ask Danny Casolaro.. Wait! He was murdered too!
Group Think..

Many might discard these above links due to what is known as Group think. As it doesn’t fit the official narrative. Personally I am not sure how they sell all those wars based on lies and then looking at America today, that those boys are many thousands of miles away allegedly fighting for their freedoms and democracy back home.
Can’t go to church, can’t go to a funeral, but you can go shopping to support Corporate America and also out to RIOT or as the media proclaims; protest and burn court houses, prowler cars, shoot people and also oddly carry signs that were printed by someone en-mass and all them masks with closed fists for the BLM and then there’s all them Antifa flags… Who made them?

A recent example of same is where Joe Biden (the vegetable) was confronted by a US Veteran about his support for the Iraq war (based on pure lies) As Bush Jr. didn’t fall far from the tree from his daddy CIA Bush Sr. The veteran chided Biden whereas stating that he lost many of his friends and other military as well as “We killed” over a million Iraqi’s and again it was all over a lie. Also don’t get me wrong… Since the 911 attack (cough) there’s laws on the books with the NDAA against Domestic Terrorism. Yet Trump the casino magnet that his is let this ride as President of the United States. I have my own views that both BLM and Antifa are supported by the same players and had he acted they would have levied a charge of antisemitism at him. If you #nose what I mean as there is a #hook to this story.

Biden playing the victim card referred to the loss of his son. The veteran continues and due to Group think Biden’s supporters started telling the veteran to Shut Up! Then started chanting Joe, Joe, Joe! Group think!

No different the the imprisonment of Julian Assange in his posting of Collateral Murder video of the murder of the two Reuters Journalist’s and many others, as well as an attack on a van carrying children who came to their aid. Once again Group think is heard as those cockpit voices tell the pure blood lust of Americans boys lied into a war and having no regards for human life. They through mass indoctrination were now (Company Men) like those others in Group think who would fill the bars of America during “Shock & Awe” and chat to old dried out generals narrating the bombings saying, USA USA USA! Yes through Group think it was Our Boy’s – Give them hell Harry!

In reference to Exhibit 1. Above… Britain today rolled out its new STASI pogrom lead by none other then Boris Johnson (The dork who can’t comb his hair) and called for “Snitches” to tattle tale on anyone who’s now abiding by the 6 foot rule. Boris who recently proclaimed… “I am a Jew!” Zionist’s perhaps, as I know many Jew’s that aren’t that way and would never think of deploying that strategy in the Ghetto’s of England where all are in lockdown.

Sadly for Americans who live within that Group think you can be assured that this will come to America too! I digress to the old Communist Manifesto where the destruction of America would come from within not from outside.
If your as old as I am?
You might remember this also… I’ll give you a hint… Them Soviets aren’t who control the media, control the internet, control those worthless politicians in DC, nor are they giving repeated “Standing Ovations to them Soviets at AIPAC meetings. They are to Israel though. While the Bolshevik’s are rooted in the old Soviet Union, today’s Russia is predominately 86% Orthodox Christians. Just as we are fed a health (sic) diet of how evil those Iranians are. They have a democratically elected government and even Jew’s sit in their Parliament. Lead by religious Mullah’s? Perhaps, but I see no difference in those in WARshington’s District of Criminal’s being lead by “Radical – Zionist Evangelical’s” hell bent on forcing some alleged rapture.
Here’s a hint…
Jesus said, “My Kingdom is NO PART of this world.” Also “New Jerusalem” is from Heaven, not of earth. Gleaning from the book’s of Kings, man refused to “Walk by Faith” and demanded that God allow them to setup “Rulers” to guide them. How’s that been working for thousands of years? But wait! There’s more Group think, and how?

Isn’t in interesting that within this “New World Order” they plan for a One World Religion. (I can only hope its not Priest’s dittling little children) Thus looking at the world we now have churches closed, churches being burnt down, ISIS and others out destroying religious artifacts, why even the Israeli’s are destroying Christian churches in occupied Palestine. A final note:

Its nice to see President Trump out establishing peace throughout the Middle East and being nominated for a Peace prize, (Perhaps another Kissinger?) and yet another for Bahrain? Basically a flattop carrier for Israel to launch strikes on Iran. All this while America BURNS! In financial collapse, Millions of small businesses shut down, millions jobless and starving, millions about to be evicted, suicides up, healthcare down, yet Israel (the taming of the Serpent) is his main concern?

Oh and another small note: If this so-called pandemic (I have goose bumps) was all about “Saving lives?” Why are the Billions of dollars in Arms still being sold all over the planet? Is it only to make Brian Williams happy so he can, “See the Splendor of those Beautiful Missiles?” Or perhaps Wolfe Blitzer who cares more about the loss of jobs in the defense industry to that of the Saudi’s bombing school buses in Yemen?
Raqqa, Syria
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Mosul Iraq
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Don’t ever tell me Hitler was evil…

Have a great day, 48 degrees, heavy smoke from the fires.

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Let the dead bury the dead.

Keith Rodgers