Super Bowl Half Time Show: Eulogy For Vaccine Depopulation

February 8, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: Don Campbell, RBN host of The Perfect Storm


By Lee Austin

The 2021 Super Bowl Half Time Show was a eulogy for vaccine depopulation.  Hosted by the Weeknd, the fourteen minute predictive programming, occultic, ritual revealed the culling of the worlds population.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Weeknd, the Canadian R&B singer burst onto the pop music scene in in 2015 with a video trilogy,  “The Hills”, “Can’t Feel My Face” and “Tell Your Friends”.  These three songs weave a tale of The Weeknd’s rise to fame through his struggles with the devil, and the Faustian agreement he must make, in order to become famous.

Last night’s half time show opened with The Weeknd in Las Vegas.  As he’s sitting on a ledge, a heavenly body descends from above and lands below the earth, surrounded by a chorus of other worldly beings with glowing eyes. As above, so below. The backdrop separates and The Weeknd walks in a beam of white light unto the main stage, as the chorus in unison raise their arms in praise.

The camera pulls back, revealing members of the chorus standing behind the sky scrapers of the world. Each member representing the population of that particular city.  Upon closer inspection, the chorus are wearing sunglasses in the dark to symbolize their blind allegiance to The Weeknd, who has since removed his sunglasses because he is bathed in the light.

Immediately the lighted sky scrapers begin to highlight the outlines of the buildings, and they take on the shape of tombstones, symbolizing death. So now each chorus member represents the massive deaths of each city. Within the maze of pulsating tombstones are three blinking signs with the words “Touch” “Alone” and “Enough”.  Three words which sum up the emotions of the world snared in this Luciferian plan-demic.  “I cannot touch anyone”  – “I feel all alone” – And “I’ve had enough.”  Because people cannot touch, feel alone, and have had enough, most will line up to get the jab, hoping they can get back to normal.

Once again the stage separates and The Weeknd continues to sing in a hallway of mirrors, with the neon words “Gone” “Feel” and  “Alone” on display.  Suddenly,  a group of men in red suits, wearing white masks covering their face and heads begin to pull at each other in a zombie like fashion, as if they’ve lost their minds…

They are “Gone”.

The next scene is a pull back shot of the original screen set. The tombstones are now highlighted in blue as a dark moon rises in the background.  Behind The Weeknd a  multitude of lights ascend, representing the millions of people who have perished due to  the vaccine. The sky scraper outline comes back into view, but the chorus members, who represent the population for each city has vanished. The culling is completed.

On the football field, the group of men wearing white masks covering their face and heads reappear in orderly fashion, lined up and ready to follow The Weeknd’s lead.  Order out of Chaos.  In each of their hands is a light, reflecting the light of Light Bearer.  Their motion and emotions are now in sync with the collective hive mind.  No longer made in God’s image. Dead zombies worshiping the beast.  To further reinforce Lucifer’s presence, and put a final bow on this ritual, a cascade of white lighted fire works are exploded behind the head of The Weeknd.

Predictive programming is a mainstay of the Super Bowl. And this years eulogy for vaccine depopulation was no exception.

Lee Austin is the author of “Morning Star’s Tale”