Survey Reveals Obama’s Racial War Makes Police Job Harder, More Dangerous

January 13, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


From the day he moved into the White House, Barack Obama has done more to fuel the racial hatred in America than most other black activists. Obama ignored the fact that he is half white and used his appearance to promote racial tensions.

When Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed a violent, black, teen thug by the name of Michael Brown as Brown was physically attacking Wilson. After Brown refused to comply with police orders and after he hit Officer Wilson so hard that it fractured his eye socket, Wilson feared for his life and shot Brown, killing him. Before evidence in the case was presented to a grand jury, Obama publicly condemned Wilson and strongly insinuated that the motive in the shooting was racial and not a police officer defending his life.

The same thing happened in the unfortunate death of several other black Americans at the hands of police officers. However, please notice that Obama has never made the same accusations when a police officer shot and killed a white person. I also do not recall Obama condemning black on black violence, which kills far more blacks than police officers do. Do any of you recall Obama condemning the senseless attacks on whites by blacks who claimed it was for Trayvon Martin? Or what about the black mob attacks that took place a couple years ago, in cities across the nation?

Obama has emboldened many black Americans to believe that they are above or beyond the law and that no police officer has the right to stop and question them for anything. They also believe that whenever a black American refuses to comply with police orders and end up being shot, wounded or killed that it’s always the fault of the police officer.

For example, take the case of John Crawford III. He was seen by shoppers in a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio, waving what looked like an assault-style rifle. Shoppers fled in fear of a possible mass shooting. One shopper, who already had a heart condition, was so frightened that she suffered a heart attack and died while trying to run from the store. A shopper called 9-1-1 and reported the young black American waving an assault rifle and pointing it at people. When two police officers arrived on the scene, they told Crawford to drop the gun. When he didn’t comply, they ordered him to drop the gun again. Instead of dropping the gun, Crawford turned around and pointed it at the police officers who responded by shooting Crawford. It turns out that the gun he was holding was a realistic toy replica but it was impossible for the police to see that distinction from where they stood.

Despite eyewitness testimony and store surveillance video, Crawford’s family and many black activists, blamed the police officers and accused them of shooting Crawford because he was black. None of them blamed Crawford for pointing the gun at shoppers or for failing to comply to police instructions. Again, before evidence was presented to a grand jury, Obama blamed the white police officers and got the Department of Justice involved. Only after evidence was gathered and presented were the officers cleared. Then the Crawford family and black activists wanted charges brought against the person who called 9-1-1, but officials refused to do so.

These and many other similar cases are making the job harder for police officers across the nation. Recently, Pew Research polled nearly 8,000 police officers and found that 86% of them said the issue of race has made their job harder when dealing with black Americans. The poll was taken from larger police departments that had at least 100 policemen and women on their force.

In addition to race making their jobs harder, 93% of the police officers polled say they are more concerned for their own safety than ever before. Dealing with black Americans has caused 76% of police officers to be more reluctant to use force, and 75% of them say that any dealing with a black American has become more tense than ever before. Additionally, 72% of the police officers said they are less willing to stop and question any suspicious person.

A friend of mine spent a number of years in military special forces. Upon leaving the military, he became a police officer in a major city. After two years on the police force, he quit and went back into special forces, saying it was safer in special forces than it was being a white police office in a city with a large black American population.

The bottom line is that Obama’s racial war is making it more dangerous for police officers and harder for them to do their job.