The Australian Truck Blockade Is ON! But Reporting is Almost Nil [VIDEO]

September 5, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

ER Editor: On August 23 we ran a story, Eyes on Australia, looking ahead to what Australia’s ‘truckies’ were intending to do in terms of road blockades around Australia to bring down its surreal, authoritarian government. Doing that alone got us some furious troll activity in the Comments section.

We’re throwing in a map (two, actually) for reference. Queensland and New South Wales are on the east coast, as is Victoria where Mad Globalist, Dan Andrews is in charge.

Trying to do an update on this story is difficult because, quite clearly, there is an incredible level of media censorship going on. The blockade and strike action were supposed to begin on Tuesday, August 31 of this past week. On Monday 30, some truckers anticipated this by blocking a portion of the major highway in Queensland, not far from the NSW border, close to the ocean (See Australian Truckers Protest Mandatory Vaccines and Lockdowns, Block Major Highway):

Australian truck drivers have blocked a major highway in the north-eastern state of Queensland in a protest against vaccine mandates and tough border restrictions, causing traffic to back up for several kilometres.

The action marks a series of ongoing protests from Australians frustrated with state government COVID-19 lockdowns and mandated restrictions based on emergency public health orders.

The drivers parked their prime movers at 5:30 a.m. on the southbound lanes of the M1 highway at Reedy Creek in the Gold Coast portion of the arterial on Monday. The highway is used by tens of thousands of Queenslanders each morning.

This action allegedly lasted a couple of hours.

A reminder that truckers have to be vaccinated at least once to be able to cross into the state of Queensland. But they’re protesting the generally tyrannical nature of lockdown, vaccination, advocating more broadly for freedom of choice for everyone.

Beyond that, it’s hard to get much more updated information. We’re publishing below what we’ve found in terms of reports, videos, links, etc. Below that is a piece from Before It’s News via Global Research.

On Twitter, there is the thread #ISupportTruckies, but there are no entries after August 31. #StandwithTruckies has some interesting posts but again, there’s little after August 31. Ditto for #TruckieSolidarity and #TruckersStrikeWorldwide.

This report from, titled Truck drivers, supporters around Australia stage ‘freedom of choice’ protests at councils, major roads, still from August 31, is more revealing in that it’s clear that groups of people are protesting at several lockdown, pro-choice rallies in neighbouring New South Wales, of which Sydney is the capital. Truckers may have joined these protests, but it is still not a story about truckers.

Gab has far less censorship, if any, but far less footfall. Here is a group called Aussie Truckies Support page 31st Aug ‘its on‘. Posted on this group page is a short video by David Knight posted to Bitchute on September 2, who has found the same level of censorship in researching the topic. He shows an interview by a Queensland reporter for the ‘Today’ program of one of the truckdrivers, Brock, taking part in the blockade; the TV channel then immediately cuts to a segment promoting Pfizer ‘vaccination’! …

His report goes to 11:30 mins and is well worth it. After, he gives a good overview of why we all need to step up with strike action.

Several Gab posts show road conditions and a website as a way to find out what blockades are happening. This information from Telegram, with a warning, was obtained via a Gab post on Sept 1:

We’re staying tuned for more.

The Australian Truck Blockade Is ON!

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Trucks are blockading the highways along most of the QLD border today, which is the epicenter of the Vaccine mandate.

Truckies are required to get the experimental vaccine clotshot before entering QLD.  

All information about this blockade has been heavily censored on all platforms except GAB.

This action is expected to go Australia-wide over the next few days.

Support for the truckies is high and they are expected to be joined by the motorcyclists.

Click here for latest updates on road closures at the border.

There are dozens of these……

Hungerford Road

Queensland Border Full Closure in place. This closure is not a checkpoint.

What to expect:

Road closed to all traffic

Both directions

Delays expected

Observe signage

1 Sep 2021 02:58 pm

Information provided by

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Event ID: 403121



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