The ‘Dark Winter’ is At the Door

November 1, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


There’s been chatter for the past several months from many sources predicting we are headed into what they call a “Dark Winter.”  That sounds ominous, but no one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever said exactly what they mean when they say a “Dark Winter.”  Even one of the presidential candidates (and I will let you guess which one) stated during the last debate that we are heading into a “Dark Winter.”  Not that we “might” be — that we ARE.  So what exactly does that MEAN?

A quick internet search immediately brought THIS up from Wikipedia:“Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001.  It was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox attack on the United States.”  Wikipedia goes on to state: “Dark Winter was focused on evaluating the inadequacies of a national emergency response during the use of a biological weapon against the American populace. The exercise was solely intended to establish preventive measures and response strategies by increasing governmental and public awareness of the magnitude and potential of such a threat posed by biological weapons.”

Huh.  So why are so many — including one of the presidential candidates — stating that we are in for a “Dark Winter” NOW?  I find it interesting that anytime the nefarious forces on the Left are planning to do something unspeakable, they talk openly about it ahead of time.  They let us know AHEAD OF TIME what they’re planning, though they cloak their intentions in a lot of smoke and mirrors, so we really never understand exactly WHAT they’re referring to — until it happens.   And I can’t help but be reminded of Event 201, which led almost immediately to the worldwide coronavirus “pandemic.”  Like the Dark Winter of 2001, Event 201 was ALSO a “simulation” exercise.  So, with so many predicting and warning about a “Dark Winter, I have to wonder what these evil “powers that be” are really planning in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve been doing a lot of intense study and research, and much of what I’ve uncovered is startling.  With the month of November just around the corner we find ourselves now at the point that we’ve dreaded all year.  Police departments nationwide are on high alert; the Federal government is on high alert; our military is on high alert, and I dare say the majority of Americans who are awake to current world events are, right now, bracing themselves for impact.  ONE of the political parties (and again, I will let you guess which one) has promised unprecedented violence and rioting leading up to, and following the presidential election.  They’ve promised, (and I quote), to “burn it all down” if their candidate doesn’t get elected.   A recent poll shows that 61% of Americans fully expect a second civil war to break out within the next week or two.  This should concern you.

We’ve never seen anything remotely like what’s happening in our nation today.  It’s easy to see that we’re in the midst of nothing less than a highly organized, planned DESTRUCTION of our country.  And even more to the point, not just America.  This seems to be a final hard push for a New, One World Government revolution.  Yes, America is probably the biggest “trophy” of all, but this is global in scale.  And as my friend from the United Kingdom told me just yesterday, “things seem to be going swimmingly for the globalists.”