The Far Left Death Cult

December 8, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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by Lee Duigon

December 8, 2022

Christine Gauthier, a military veteran, injured her back in 1989 and has had to use a wheelchair ever since. In 2016 she represented Canada in the Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Now, six years later, she wants (and needs) a chair lift for her home. But when she asked the government for help with that project, she was told, “Hey, sorry, but we can’t do that for you! Tell you what, though—how about assisted suicide? It’s a great deal!

When in doubt, snuff ‘em out.

The news made for a black eye for Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau said the solution offered by the government—death—was “unacceptable.” The Mounties are now investigating four similar cases: it’s not nice to kill your veterans when they need help. The “agent” who handled those cases has been suspended.

Uh-huh. See what happens when they get caught? They all scramble around, trying to sound like human beings.

Consider the pillars of policy offered by Far Left humanism. Assisted suicide. Encouraging children to “try LGBTQ, you’ll like it!” Abortion—oh, yeah, abortion: should’ve made that No. 1. Surgical mutilation, puberty blockers, “gender reassignment”—and lifetime sterility. Wiping out national borders with mass immigration: just the thing we need to bring us under global government. And, of course, letting violent criminals go free without bail.

So you ask for a wheelchair lift and they offer you assisted suicide. Hot dog. We wonder why some philanthropic zillionaire doesn’t step up and offer to buy Ms. Gauthier a wheelchair lift with his pocket change. Why hasn’t that happened? Don’t tell me they’ve made it illegal or something.

If we really put our minds to doing all the things the Far Left tells us are good things, absolute necessities of public policy, we would bring about the extinction of the human race. Maybe that’s what they want. Load their minds, their consciousness, their personalities (if they have any) onto a computer in a robot, let—or rather, help—the rest of us die out, and then live forever, having the whole planet to themselves. Yuval Harari, the No. 2 schmendrick  at the World Economic Forum, says we’re all just “useless eaters” anyway, to be sedated with drugs and video games until our masters figure out what to do with us.

I don’t think he likes us much.

“All they that hate me love death,” the Bible tells us (Proverbs 8: 36). How true is that!

Is it Iceland where they’re trying to wipe out Down’s syndrome by aborting all the babies that might have it? Who’ll be next? Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, thought it should be people who are not white. But I suppose every group will get its turn in the humanist crosshairs. Who’s more anti-human than a humanist? We’re getting very far from Mother Teresa, aren’t we?

Civilization, if it is worth anything, cares for and protects the weak. If it doesn’t, it’s only barbarism with gaudier toys.

Great evil is afoot in our age. We all know it. Moses asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

It may be we’ll find out before much longer.

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