The globalists’ propaganda arm becomes a withered limb as Brits en mass lose trust in their media

May 9, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Just goes to show that we Brits are smarter than you think


Trust in the media is lower in the UK than virtually anywhere.

It is a mistrust that has been well earned as millions of us have had to  watch the current spectacle of the “independent” media mobilise en mass as the propaganda arm of its globalist masters’ current project, the COVID19 psyop, hysterically  driving in the fear-mongering upon the bemused populace with one distortion, half-truth, falsehood, and fabrication after another.

Yet millions of Brits see through it. The globalists’ propaganda arm is becoming a withered limb.

We Brits are smarter and less credulous than they think.

Fear to tell truth, smoke & mirrors, writing not for readers but for other journalists – How UK press got to be the LEAST trusted

Just when you think the reputation of the UK media couldn’t sink any lower, it just did. An annual survey undertaken by EurobarometerEU, across 33 countries, puts the UK at the bottom, with a net trust of -60. Yes that’s right, minus 60. It’s a fall of 24 points since last year. Just 15 percent of Brits trust their print media. But it’s not the only survey showing a similar trend.