The late N.Y. Senator Jacob Javits in 1951: “Let Us Open Again the Gates”

June 14, 2023 in News by RBN Staff


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My fellow white people of European decent, who study the cause of our ongoing genocide, know full well that the Jews are mostly responsible for our demise.  The Holy Bible teaches us that the Jew has hated Christ from the beginning.  Naturally, the Zionist Jew opposes the existence of Christians.  Long ago the Jew began to seek access to our laws, political system, media, and entertainment.  Are nearly all Jews at least partly responsible?  YES THEY ARE!  I have a Jewish in-law.  He appears to be a very nice person.  Ralph once confided in me that even though he didn’t like Joe Biden at all he was obligated to vote Democratic because he was a New York Jew.

I remember when the author of the below 1951 article, Jacob Javits, was a New York congressman.  The New York Times wants your money in order for you to be able to read the entire article.  But you can get the point of the article without New York Times Jews getting your money.  – alk



‘Let Us Open Again the Gates’; A congressman says that we need, and can absorb, ten million immigrants within the next twenty years. ‘Let Us Open Again the Gates’


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THE wealth of America is its people. We are a conglomerate nation that has drawn upon every race and breed of man on the face of the earth. Out of their diverse talents and traditions we have distilled something that is unique and, to us, priceless–the American character.