The People-Control Epidemic Part II

December 20, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT


Charles E. Carlson

The COVID-19 disaster has allowed unhealthy control over us. However, I will not enter into the question of who is to blame. The purpose of this paper is to note that people-control is growing. Americans and our families will be victims. We need to know how and why.

In part one I pointed out an organized control mechanism that dictates cocoa bean prices through a kindly appearing cabal called the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF). Its obvious purpose is to keep the price of raw cocoa beans as low as possible for its user-members including Hershey Co. The “foundation” pretends to be a generous benefactor to thousands of cocoa farmers, their women, and children. On the contrary, entire families labor in the jungle for a scant living under the most difficult conditions.

The purpose of this series is not about cocoa, but to lay out one likeness between ourselves and the black African farmers, that being that we were both being controlled by force we do not understand.

Fear of COVID-19 is bringing us to our financial knees in fear. As a result, we face disastrous rising prices on about everything we buy from automobiles to hamburgers. The ostensible cause is the Federal Reserve system’s creation of new money which is first provided through mega businesses and then some of it trickles down to some of the US. The FED’s newly printed money directly causes higher prices from consumer goods to houses.

The most frightening aspect of the inflate-to-save scheme is that War has always been the quickest solution for the printing-press hangover. War quickly gobble up excessive printed dollars. Labor and hardware are then wasted in the countries we bomb. World leaders are well aware of this.

An announced mutual defense treaty between Russia and China, aimed at encouraging our leaders to bomb someone else. We should all understand this, and not be taken in by half-truth war talk. We should all know the recent history of the American wars for profit. Most do not. Let us hope an event resulting from COVID -19 will cause awareness and action.

C E Carlson


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