The Real-Time Election Meddlers: Internet Platform Censors, Google

July 2, 2019 in News, Video by RBN

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich

Daily, if not almost moment-by-moment, we, the awakening “useless eaters,” as we are labeled by the New World Order controllers, are inundated with revelatory news of how supposedly too-big-to-fail corporations that receive millions in taxpayer subsidies also affiliated with the Deep State’s CIA, have failed and utterly DECEIVED their subscribers, including global information consumers, with boldface lies, deceptive practices and outright information CENSORSHIP.

Why has no one in U.S. federal government regulatory agencies and Congress taken on such outright livid denials of citizens’ U.S. Constitutional rights and start dismantling Google, Alphabet, YouTube, Facebook and other Internet platforms that practice “selective editing algorithms”?

Good question?

Something had better be done very soon before the USA approaches the 2020 election cycle or, if Google has its way according to Jen Gennai who “gushed” about Google’s plans to influence that election cycle, “RussiaGate” may wind up looking like a summer picnic destroyed by a weather geoengineered scalar-cloud flood!

Transparency in media colleague, Alexandra Bruce, publisher at Forbidden Knowledge TV,  whose online presence was interrupted and taken down by MailChimp last week, produced another outstanding defining narrative and video by Red Ice Creations with comments by Henrik Palmgren.

Google: The Monster That Has To Be Destroyed
A Red Ice Creations Video
24:15 minutes

After digesting the above ‘forensic autopsy’ of Google’s ultimate 2020 election meddling plans, which we now have video and official proof for, thanks to Project Veritasdo-nothing Congress had better get its act together, specifically since the progressive Left-wing Democrats: Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, AOC, et al, certainly have something not only to investigate, but definitely dismantle.

Do you think the Deep State and Shadow Government will allow such Congressional sanctions, when the Internet censors are part and parcel of the surveillance state and New World Order controller crowd we, the high tech consumers, actually allowed to happen by our addictions to microwave technologies?