The Theory of Devolution

May 11, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanfreedomnews

by Don Wassall

The high priests and rabbis of the current order tell us that life and the universe itself can be explained by two “theories” that are always presented as fact.

The first, the “Big Bang Theory,” postulates that for an indeterminate amount of time the universe didn’t exist, that there was only nothingness.  But then one day, lo and behold, an incredibly dense marble of matter somehow manifested itself from out of nothing.  This has to be the greatest magic trick of all time, but it was outdone when the marble exploded.  The exploding marble created what we are now told are 100 billion galaxies and 200 billion trillion stars, which for the last many billions of years have been and continue to move outward at the speed of light, over 186,000 miles per second.  It’s a shame there was no instant replay to record it back when that marble exploded!

And the miracles don’t stop there.  Here on Earth, we are spinning at 1,000 miles per hour, revolving around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, and whizzing along through the universe as a gravity-captured entity of one of those 200 billion trillion stars at a cool 1.3 million miles per hour.  And to think that on most days one can go outside and not even get one’s hair mussed up!

Then there’s the Theory of Evolution, which holds that one-celled organisms eventually sprouted eyes and ears and other trappings through “mutation,” with sea creatures eventually growing legs and lungs and deciding to hang out on land.

The mighty T-Rex was originally a chicken we are told.  We are also solemnly informed on a regular basis that men and women are nothing more than slightly smarter apes, just another species of animal.  And that is the key to understanding the purpose of such absurd voodoo nonsense.

There’s no question that over time, observable differences can and do develop within groups that become geographically isolated from each other.  In fact, the various ethnicities and races of man provide strong illustration of the phenomenon.  But — to mention the obvious is to be dismissed as a beyond the pale “racist,” a reaction which provides all the evidence one needs to discredit the “Theory of Evolution.”

Science is a commendable endeavor.  Scientific discoveries have led to the remarkable advances in technology we have today.  But, as the Covid “pandemic” vividly shows, science, along with everything else in society, has been politicized and weaponized, and, more accurately, been incorporated into the anti-nature, anti-science agenda of the communist/internationalist/Big Tech ruling class.

The Permanent Regime – some call it the American Globalist Empire, others dub it Globohomo, really there’s all kinds of names for it — claims to be following an agenda of “diversity” and “inclusion,” but there’s nothing remotely diverse about it other than the skin colors of its commissars and enablers.  The “diversity” being forced on America and the West is one which consists of people of every imaginable background and even “gender” working together for the greater (corporate) good – but who all think, believe and speak identically.  That’s not diversity; it’s just the opposite, a grotesque form of totalitarianism.

To warp and re-mold mankind into this type of “diversity” means destroying the unique identity and customs of all cultures and peoples.  Even the differences between men and women must be minimized as the family unit methodically disappears and 57 different “genders” of mental illness arises in its place.

The psychopathic elites not only regard their “subjects” as animals — as is being discussed by the World Economic Forum as part of “The Great Reset,” thanks to technology men and women are now being described as “hackable animals.”  There has never been a more revealing example of the evil intentions of those at the top of today’s Babylon.

One can only regard men as hackable animals if one believes men have no mind, merely a brain, no free will, and no soul.  Whether the psychopaths taking down the U.S. and Western civilization at breakneck speed have souls themselves is a legitimate question – but we do and their reign of terror must end if mankind is to have a future worth living.