The True Tragedy of Biden’s Border Treason

March 17, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanfreedomnews


by Sidney Secular

The demented Biden’s disastrous border treason is ballooning to the point at which it is nearly boundless. This moronic, psychopathic mental midget is completely transforming the Historic American Nation into a nation of illegal invaders, Third World troglodytes and political “sickophants.” A critical mass of unknown numbers of illegals have congregated in the southern Mexican town of Tapachula since late in 2021. The globalists in the UN ended any quandary suffered by the Mexican government on how to handle the situation by offering to fully pay both the migrants’ way and the cost of transportation to the US border.

This undifferentiated mass of third worlders – and not just Latinos – were herded into buses and taken through Mexico towards the US border ending up God alone knows where! It is even possible that at least some of them were driven through the border at some thinly guarded point as nothing further has been available on the matter after the buses set out. This, by the way, was the caravan designed by Biden to blow by the border that was recently exposed. Unfortunately, as of now, we have heard no more about it as the media has become silent. Usually, such a dearth of reporting indicates a successful mission by our enemies.

The total US immigrant population, both legal and illegal, reached 46.6 million in January, the highest ever recorded. After a brief slowdown in illegal border crossings due to Covid-related restrictions, the non-citizen population rebounded dramatically with the Biden coup. As a result, an unknown number of “newcomers” have moved in, many of whom have been transported to locations around the country in the dead of night where they blend in nicely with the “people of color” population, insuring ever greater numbers of this usually anti-American, hate-whitey demographic. These people need no identification papers (indeed, many times these documents have been deliberately destroyed!) or, in the alternative, they have counterfeit ones created to allow them to leech off Uncle Sap together with our own native parasites. Officially, there has been a 1.6 million increase in the foreign-born just over the last year but that figure is doubtless much higher given the ballooning number of anchor babies and the family reunification program going ahead full “farce.”

As the illegal flow at the border has ballooned, the deportation at the border and from the interior has collapsed like a punctured balloon as a result of Biden’s orders. The Department of Homeland Obscurity is only too happy to comply instead of resisting what liberals consider Trump’s revolting directives. The spigot has been opened all the way regarding not only Mexicans and Central Americans but to people from over 100 nations worldwide, including every possible category of criminal, leech and undesirable, all hoping to get into the land of “white privilege” where “people of color” receive all the goodies possible from that same stupid white population.

The drug inflow of highly toxic fentanyl is enough to kill the population of the US seven times over, were it all consumed. Parenthetically, that great American hero, George Floyd actually died of an overdose of fentanyl and not a cop’s knee on his neck. But what does truth matter after all! Methamphetamine and opioid inflow have also ballooned enough to drown us in a sea of misery. The components for the drug compounds all too often come from China and are manufactured in labs in Mexico so they can more easily be transported and distributed among Americans. The recent explosion in the numbers of homeless can be attributed to people consuming the aforesaid sudden surplus of imported illicit and dangerous drugs eating up their meager moolah and leaving them unable to pay for food and lodging. Indeed, studies have shown that the “homeless” problem is actually, an “addiction” problem!

Biden and the “presstitutes” of the mainstream media are in on the population makeover of the nation since not one question was asked about immigration or border issues at a presidential “press conference” in mid-January. That subject historically has never elicited any questions at presidential news conferences under past presidents, with the exception of those directed to President Trump about how he could be so mean to the children being held at the border! Now, however, that matter is easily solved by turning these innocents over to the sex traffickers who are in good standing with the present Administration. The issue of “immigration” – that is, “invasion!” – is Biden’s weakest issue with the thinking public among a virtual plethora of other unmitigated disasters and tragedies he has unleashed, but the unhappiness of Americans has not altered any aspect of the “great reset” the Deep State is programming us to accept.

As a reflection of this public-be-damned attitude, the Biden Maladministration has issued 296 Executive Orders or other directives on the subject of immigration alone during the faux President’s first year in the “offal office”  among the most significant of which were giving work permits to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, abandoning the rule designed to deny green cards to welfare users and canceling the Safe Third Country agreements negotiated with several Central American countries. These agreements specified that asylum seekers or refugees were to be settled in or processed by the first country in which they arrived after they leave their home countries rather than these countries merely being “stop-overs” on the way to their final destination, the United States.

Basically, there are two reasons given for the promotion and acceptance of the illegal invasion. The first is that the elites, multinationals, chamber of commerce types et al. obtain unlimited, cheap, disposable labor without worrying about fringe benefits, bureaucratic red tape, strikes, tax issues and union formation. In the past, this was mostly framed as a necessity for employers because the unskilled and semi-skilled workers would be performing the jobs that native Americans won’t do. Actually, that was never true. Americans were always willing to do these jobs if the proper incentives are offered to them. Because the average American has had to muddle through life with ever increasing financial burdens and taxes over the last fifty years, and given the moral condition of the culture, frequently necessity “trumps” his otherwise worthy ethical scruples! And who can blame him?  Furthermore, nothing John Q. Public is able to do seems to overcome the use of illegals to do unpleasant chores either “under the table” or at rates which remove the average American from the competition for a job. For years, these considerations have prevented any outcry by ordinary Americans of those who work “off the books.” Of course, those who were willing to look the other way never understood that they were digging their own economic graves!

The other and infinitely more important reason for the encouragement of the “come one, come all – including criminals” invasion is the Demonrat strategy to retain power even as we lose the nation that nourishes both us and them! For they expect the illegals to remember their largesse when election day rolls around, especially as they are increasingly gaining the franchise whether legally or otherwise! But the main reason that Biden is bidding them enter, is because his “handlers,” the globalists and communists don’t want borders at all! The New World Order will be sans such parochial considerations as nation-states, religion, liberty, etc. etc. etc. How much easier it will be for the Great Reset – a/k/a the establishment of the New World Order – if all those nasty borders were no more! “Come one, come all, even criminals!” is his motto because it is the motto of his Masters.  And as he believes that they must succeed at this point in time, Joe Biden feels his worldly fame is assured even though the nation he was to lead and protect will flame out and he will be condemned as the traitor that he is when (if?) the sheeple, and maybe even the wokesters wake up.

However, actually, one would think from all of this border disorder, Biden’s leftist and Libertrian friends and collaborators would be thrilled with his “accomplishments,” but they’re actually peeved that his Maladministration hasn’t done more to open the borders! They complain that Sleepy Joe has maintained Trump’s most restrictionist, inhumane and (possibly) illegal border policies.” You cannot make this stuff up! Yes, it’s going to be a long, hard, unbearable three more years folks, and in the end, there may be nothing left to defend!

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