February 8, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews

By Lex Greene

February 8, 2022

According to Joe Biden, more than two-thirds of USA citizens have received one or more of the COVID19 fake “vaccines.” But none of them are “vaxxed” still, and life for the vaxxed is far worse than if they had never fallen for the scam. They live every moment in fear!

Round One was sold on the promise that if you would just shut up and take it, you will no longer need to be locked down, isolated, wear a worthless mask, or ever worry about getting or spreading COVID19 and you, “can return to normal life” for being a good little boy or girl, or whatever gender you identify as today.

Of course, we have since learned a few important things about who is and who isn’t vaxxed.

To this day, no one who has taken one of the Gates-Fauci injections, knows what was in it. They have no idea what is in any of the subsequent injections either. Still today, the “vaccine” inserts remain BLANK. Just ask your local doctor or pharmacist to see a copy of the vaccine inserts. Despite this fact, millions of go-along to get-along citizens mindlessly lined up for the lethal injections, and millions still are two years later.

Now we know, one jab isn’t enough. You will need a second, and third, and boosters from this point on, according to the “experts,” whom millions of citizens already followed off this cliff.

The CDC has established that if you get one of their “vaccines,” you are NOT vaccinated until fifteen days after your injection. This is due to the fact that more than 80% of adverse events caused by these “vaccines” happens in the first seven days following injection, most often, within the first three days after injection.

This is how the CDC gets away with labeling these “vaccine deaths” as “COVID deaths,” and vaccine injuries as COVID19. If someone dies in the first fourteen days following the injection, it’s not a “vaccine death” because according to the CDC, you’re not actually vaccinated until day fifteen, after injection. Never mind that you were well and not dead until you took the JAB. If the “vaccine” killed you within the first fourteen days, you died of COVID19, not the lethal vaccine responsible for your death.

More than two years into the COVID scamdemic, here’s what we now know, and all of it has been confirmed by the so-called experts, who told us all the opposite for the past two years.

  • No one is actually vaxxed. Once you take the first injection, you will have to keep taking more injections, because to date, none of the injections prevent infection, transmission, illness, or death. The “boosters” have already proven more lethal than the original injections.
  • None of the masks we were told to wear for the past two years are designed to, or capable of preventing the spread of any virus. Wearing one just makes you look uneducated.
  • None of the injections are FDA Approved. But Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have been FDA Approved for human use for decades. Fauci authorized the use of Hydroxychloroquine to eradicate SARS1 between 2003-2005. Fauci has known this is a highly effective and inexpensive treatment from the beginning. So why did he block the use of it for the past two years?
  • Fauci’s drug Remdesivir was taken down years ago due to it causing renal failure, the lungs to fill with fluids (pneumonia), resulting in the need to ventilate patients until dead. This is the ONLY drug Fauci authorized for COVID19 hospitalized patient protocols, and thousands have died in the hospital under this protocol since. They are all labeled “COVID deaths.”
  • Under the “most deadly pandemic in recent years,” the overall death rate in the USA hasn’t changed much, about 0.01% to 0.10% each year, which is very typical, largely dependent upon the length and severity of the “flu season” in any given year. The 2020 and 2021 overall USA death rate remains significantly lower than in past years, despite claims to the contrary.
  • Between 60% and 90% of all COVID hospitalizations today are “vaccinated” patients. Obviously, this is most noticeable in countries with the highest VAX rates, like Israel and the UK. But it’s also a matter of fact in the USA.
  • Even though our lame stream media keeps fearmongering with false numbers, recently announcing the “new milestone of 900,000 Americans dead from COVID19,” the REAL number of deaths in the USA from COVID19 is approximately 54,000, 6% of the death cases marked COVID. This too, has been openly admitted by the CDC, but that hasn’t stopped the Biden regime and their leftist media from using the much scarier 900,000 number. 54,000 is about the same number that die each year of the FLU, on average.
  • Even if we use Biden’s scary 900,000 number, that represents only 0.28% of the US population, meaning that 99.72% of US citizens have easily survived COVID19 over the past two years. But if we use the real number, 54,000 deaths (most likely from the flu), that represents 0.017% of the US population, proving that COVID19 was never a “pandemic” or even an “epidemic” with an overall USA survival rate of 99.98%.

As these TRUTHS reach the general public, despite massive efforts to make sure it doesn’t, the people are waking up and they are taking to the streets to shut the entire scamdemic down. People are in the streets of nations all over the globe, the most visible being the trucker and farmer protests in cities across Canada.

The people are pissed, and they should be. They have been lied to, dictated to, bribed, threatened, coerced,silenced, socially shamed, and penalized out of their most fundamental human rights for over two years now. As I write, the US Military is purging America’s best war fighters from its ranks for refusing lethal injections already proven to at best, not work, and at worst, cause illness and death.

US Companies are still trying to force and coerce their employees into taking these fatal injections against their will and better judgement, just to keep their paychecks, even though there are no standing mandates in effect from any governmental body. No governmental body or employer has ever had the right or authority to force inject anyone with anything, against their will.

To the wise UNVAXXED, congratulations! You could smell this global fraud from the start and stood your ground to protect yourselves and loved ones from lethal injections at odds with all real known science, and the Global Reset that is the real pandemic behind COVID19. You my friends, are TRUE Americans who stood on facts and real science and never fell for the plethora of lies told to advance an evil global agenda.

As for those who are now trapped in the endless injection system, Americans used to be born smart enough to never trust politicians, lawyers, global Marxists and used car salesmen. How did you get so foolish?

Last, will you remain this foolish now that you have the real facts and science? Or are you AWAKE now?