The X Files Predicts Globalization And World War III

June 9, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  americanrighttv

This one’s for you Dear John Stadtmiller!


Did the X-Files predict what we are experiencing today, or was an agenda hidden in plain sight?

The CIA has recently admitted that aliens or UFOs at least are in fact real and that they have held on to that knowledge for decades, keeping the public in the dark for presumably their own safety.

How many times has someone come forward about seeing a UFO and been ostracized for it?

The X-Files also mention that the government is involved with creating hybrids and taking part in gene editing – something that is much more than a myth now.

We are reminded that there have been many people who have been experimented on and exploited by government agencies – Henrietta Lacks being one of them – famously had her cancer cells taken without her knowledge or permission after she was admitted to Johns Hopkins, which was the only medical facility that treated black Americans at that time in 1951.

Later that year in August, Henrietta passed away after her cancer had metastasized and spread throughout her body. She was only 31.

The cells from the cancerous sample eventually became known as the HeLa immortal cell line, a commonly used cell line in contemporary biomedical research.

The government continued to use her cells without permission for decades until her family discovered what they were doing.

It is amazing that some people still think the government wants to keep them safe.

The X-Files may only be a television program, but they were on point when they described in detail who and what are coming to take us all over.